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  1. V3lier

    Need a New Player (and perhaps IEM's)

    Sansa Fuze. 8gb with microsd, okay bettery life (24hours), one of the best SQs out there. AND....extremely cheap. I bought my Fuze at Walmart in Canada for $100.
  2. V3lier

    Stolen Cowon D2 and 5pros what should I get to replace?

    I would recommend the Sansa Fuze only if you like to use your mp3 for music. It's sound is great and in my opinion better than the D2 even though I LOVED the D2. The biggest difference to me from the Fuze is the soundstage, it's much bigger and I really like the cleaner sound it gives .
  3. V3lier

    Sansa Fuze questions: playlists, transfer modes, future rockbox

    Quote: Originally Posted by blub Hi!, I've been following some threads on these forums for a while now, finding a lot of info on DAP, headphones and portable amps. I'm about to go and buy my first really decent DAP (being to often to far away from my CD's and home-stereo). To help me...
  4. V3lier

    Best sounding mp3 player?

    I don't which is the best sounding but the player I had before was the Cowon D2 and I now have the Sansa Fuze. Truly, I love both. Both have GREAT sound quality but because of the bass roll off of the D2 I didn't really feel the bass compared to the Fuze which isn't good, at least to me. The...
  5. V3lier

    Need Beautiful Sound. Need Help.

    Quote: Originally Posted by shigzeo yeah: if you like what you have, don't bother going about trying to find other equipment. most players have bass roll off and some are rather significant. but only with low imp phones. it is a characteristic of almost all players out there. but...
  6. V3lier

    Wow! Sansa Fuze- color me impressed- Fuze appreciation thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by Inks how is the sq compared to the sony players? That's is what I'm wondering :|. I've read the Sony is warm and colored and the Fuze and Clip are both cold. I don't know.
  7. V3lier

    Bass Rolloff With Cowon D2

    I love the D2 but I keep hearing about the bass rolloff. How can I stop that from happening? The D2 is one of the best in SQ and I love i but I'm thinking of buying a Sansa Fuze.
  8. V3lier

    Best SQ. MP3 Player.

    Not exactly. I would like the BEST sounding mp3. The whole point of an mp3 player is to listen to music, which is exactly my needs but I'm trying to figure out the best one to buy. I had the D2 which got stolen but I started reading again and I keep hearing about bass roll off and how the sansa...
  9. V3lier

    Best SQ. MP3 Player.

    I want to know the best sounding mp3 player. I need an mp3 ONLY for music. Everything else is just extra. I need it to be drag and drop. I listen to hip-hop, classical, TECHNO, and a lot more. So it needs to be versatile. Recommend me the best SQ mp3 player.
  10. V3lier

    MP3 Player Suggestions

    Well I got my D2 stolen and was extremely happy with it. So I'm either gonna be saving up for a 16gb D2 or another player. I don't like iPods and I don't NEED videos, themes, flash and other things. I only used D2 for my music which I loved. I would like good SQ as good as the D2 or better. I...
  11. V3lier

    Post your blogs!

    Haha. I just started a blog and I was hoping I could share it for you guys to see. I literally just made it but bookmark it because I'm working on it a lot. I would also really like to see other's blogs. Maybe we can link exchange? You put a link to my site and I put a link to your site as...
  12. V3lier

    Adventures in Linux

    Haha. Good that your trying out Linux. I've got 100% experience in that area because I'm a fellow hacker . Ubuntu is okay as a Windows replacement (kinda) but me and my FreeBSD are one.
  13. V3lier

    Where do you buy your CDs at?

    I'm planning on saving up so I can buy a couple of albums..and was wondering where you guys buy your albums? A local store or online? Seems Amazon is pretty good.
  14. V3lier

    Bitrate Preference?

    *tisk tisk* I would imagine at head-fi you guys would only have lossless. I'm ashamed lol. I don't know but I only got 320kb because I don't want to get the FreQShow and get annoyed by a bad source :|.
  15. V3lier

    If not the Cowon D2, then what??

    Quote: Originally Posted by Jimbo3b I don't have the experience with the other players, so I can only speak regarding the D2. I bought it for the audio quality, the SD card slot, and the fact that it is flash memory rather than a hard disk player. I was pleasantly surprised that the...
  16. V3lier

    Bitrate Preference?

    What bitrate do you guys prefer when encoding? I recently started getting all my albums up-to-date in 320kb because I'm planning on buying new iems and I don't want the low bitrates to ruin my new experience lol.
  17. V3lier

    The FreQ Custom IEMs - Impressions Thread (Updates on First Page!)

    Quote: Originally Posted by Hayduke Can't comment on the single driver aspect, but I can compare the isolation to Shure E3c's with the foam tips (like ear plug material). When I borrowed my buddy's Shures, the only tips that worked were the foamies. The isolated great! My FreqShows...
  18. V3lier

    The FreQ Custom IEMs - Impressions Thread (Updates on First Page!)

    Quote: Originally Posted by dakkar Joy of joys! I went to the audiologist to readjust my left ear. I can now take the monitor in and out without fear of pulling my canal with it! And the seal is still excellent! I would highly recommand this audiologist if anyone in the area of...
  19. V3lier

    Atrio M5 vs Sleek Audio SA6

    from what i've been reading..the Sleek Audio SA6 are recommended MUUCH more. It's also great that you can take the parts apart because then if something breaks u can easly replace the part instead of buying the whole product again. In general...what Ive heard is that the SA6 is better in...
  20. V3lier

    The FreQ Show vs Ultimate Ears 1

    Which one is better? From what I've been reading...I'm leaning towards The FreQ Show.
  21. V3lier

    What IEMs do you recommend around $300?

    I have a Cowon D2 which how everyone knows is a bit on the "cold" side. I listen to a lot of different types of music; Hip-hop (not new but old Illmatic type), Jazz, Cumbia, Reggaeton, Classic and many more. I'm a perfectionist so deciding IEMs is very hard. I chose around $300 dollars...
  22. V3lier

    Best IEMs for Cowon D2

    Quote: Originally Posted by Caribou679 You would not need an amp with a D2.It powers enough. I would suggest you used the IEM Atrio M5/M8 for about $150-175. They have a fantastic sound! This is one of the set-up I use and it sounds great, once you are used to the sound signature and...
  23. V3lier

    Best IEMs for Cowon D2

    Quote: Originally Posted by V3lier Oh I forgot. Should I buy an amp for the Super-Fi Pro? I don't know much about heaphone amps so sorry if this is a noob question . Should I get an amp?
  24. V3lier

    Best IEMs for Cowon D2

    Oh I forgot. Should I buy an amp for the Super-Fi Pro? I don't know much about heaphone amps so sorry if this is a noob question .