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  1. stozzer123

    Htc "windows phone 8x" with "more powerful amp.

    So news is just coming out about the new HTC WP8 models.   standard fare pretty much apart from one little snippet about there being an improved amp section at both the speaker and hp out to "improve performance in harder to drive cans"  ...
  2. stozzer123

    The best in ear phones under $250. Steel Series Flux Pro.

    Just read this, thats a pretty bold claim lol.
  3. stozzer123

    Hippo Biscuit Player - screenless

    Anyone heard anything, tbh I dont expect much and screen less definitely doesn't appeal to me.
  4. stozzer123


    probably not here long so why bother having this post available.
  5. stozzer123

    CK4 vs hm601 vs Rocoo D vs Colorful C3

    Opinions guys, take cost out and imagine they are all the same price point.   Also comparisons to a ipod w/ fiio e11 and cube c30 is appreciated.
  6. stozzer123

    For beginners: So you want to know where to start on portable audio

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to put it (feel free to move to what you think is an approprate location)   I made my musings on what beginners to the portable audiophile world should consider.  I posted in a separate thread also but thought it might be relevant to others so putting it in...