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  1. prot

    Using head-fi on a phone

    Hi everyone I mostly use my phone to browse news, forums, etc. Reading and posting on headfi from an iphone is however quite painful. Is there an app (couldnt find any in app store) or how do you guys do it?
  2. prot

    E100, a pretty tube headphone amplifier from china (6080, ecc88, single ended) Looks very good and the internals seem clean and well organized too. Plus, the price is *very* good. Did anyone test this device?
  3. prot

    The voodoo-full audio thread. Funniest "theories" about audio.

    As requested on the voodoo-less thread, here you can post the most ourageous audio-bulls**t you ever found online. I'll start with a very good collection from another audio forum. Have fun.
  4. prot

    The voodoo-less cable thread. Reasonable cable vendors and reviews.

    The cable prices are way into vodoo-land lately and IMHO there is no reason for OFC/OCC cables to cost more than $100 when a meter of wire costs about $5 or less. I would like to list some companies and review sites that actually do serious reviews and sell solid and reasonably priced cables...