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  1. Coroner

    Headphone Health Issues EMF ESF

    G'day all I was thinking a couple of months back about the effects headphones may have on your health. I started thinking about EMF which I know in too high amounts has been shown to be detrimental to your health. Then I saw on the Ultrasone site their low EMF headphones and that they gave...
  2. Coroner

    #@$!@# TLE2426!

    I can't work out for the life of me, why this TLE2426 is running so hot. This is the first 9v batt power supply i have ever built (built plenty of AC ps but they all worked - lost a few fuses though!) I set up a 9v batt and TLE2426 etc exactly as shown in the last diagram in the DESIGNING...
  3. Coroner

    Where to buy Beyerdynamic and headphone amps in aus

    G'day all I am trying to find somewhere in Aus to buy Beyerdynamic (DT 770 specifically) and a decent amp to drive them. I live in Tas which is a virtual headphone desert and everything is a rip off here too. Any suggestions?