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  1. headchange4u

    Amp Stuck In Stand-By. Please help.

    Quote: Originally Posted by heatmizer Did you check the fuses? Yes, all fuses were checked. Did that first thing. The Stand-By light is on. Also the preamp power supply has a toggle switch on the front that says "amp on/off".
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    Best way to solder SOIC

    A friend of mine who works with repairing eletronics gave me a great method for solding small chips or chips with a lot of small pins. Like other here have stated start by tinning one pad and then tack the chip down. Next take a peice of desoldering braid and put extra flux on it. Then you...
  3. headchange4u

    I Got Screwed BY USPS. What Can I Do?

    This is the first time that I have had anything lost in transit. In researching my predicament and the responses here, the USPS loses packages constantly. It's amazing that anyone ever uses them. It's a shame that they are affiliated with the US government. That almost guarantees that you...
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    I Got Screwed BY USPS. What Can I Do?

    Quote: Originally Posted by skyline889 Well, in a way you lucked out, I have the Mountiansmith Auspex and Specter as well and I prefer them over the Crescent 110 for loads under 60 pounds, since they are much more manueaverable and imo more comfortable with lighter loads. I...
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    I Got Screwed BY USPS. What Can I Do?

    The seller has been nice so far, but he has hinted that a refund will not be forthcoming. I should have asked for insurance for an item this expensive, but I totally forgot to ask him when I paid for it. He did not offer insurance as an option when paying. In true Ebay style I was charged $15...
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    I Got Screwed BY USPS. What Can I Do?

    Quote: Originally Posted by tkam For getting your money you'd have to talk to the seller about that the USPS certainly won't give you anything for an uninsured package. But to get the package, your best bet is to keep calling the USPS you might eventually get someone that can be of some...
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    I Got Screwed BY USPS. What Can I Do?

    I ordered a Osprey Aether 70 hiking pack from Ebay back on May 3. The guy I ordered it from shipped it on the 3rd of May and the tracking number shows that it Left the Jacksonville, Fl mail facilty on May 4th. It was supposed to be delivered on May 8. I still have not seen my package. I have...
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    DIY Group Buy Discussion Thread status

    There is now a Group Buy sub-forum here:
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    Instructions for making iPod Dock Splitter.

    Website with instructions. Quote: Using the cable connector provided by Ridax and a printed circuit board designed and manufactured by Fp. Splits the dock connector pins to wire sockets. (Make sure you check out the rest of the pictures) Make your own PCB with the information found...
  10. headchange4u

    Could we create a Sticky of headphone mods?

    I posted a similar thread to this one a few months ago, but it did not get much support. I had the idea of a sub-forum where each brand/model of heaphone could have it's own mod thread. I think one modding thread for all the headphones out there may get a little cluttered. I am still up for...
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    Post about your PINT configurations! :D

    What exactly is mini^3ified?
  12. headchange4u

    Tool - Vicarious

    I am listen right now... AMAZING.OMG I love it.I love it. I Love it!
  13. headchange4u

    Tapping iPod dac (analog line out), anyone tried/investigated it?

    I have been looking for a broken iPod that I could try this mod. Does anyone know where I could find pics of the iPod's DAC?
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    How Big Is Yours? iPod/Media Player Stats.

    Bringing the thread back from the dead! Update on my stats: iPod 4G 60GB Photo Artists:614 Albums:236 Songs: 7328 Total Size: 46GB Days of Play: 22.2 Days
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    GPS For A Laptop. Suggestions?

    Quote: Originally Posted by ILuvSony You will love this. This is the best one out there for the value and it is MS. Good luck! Joonmo I have a copy of M$ Streets and maps. I wonder if the software is different in the GPS...
  16. headchange4u

    GPS For A Laptop. Suggestions?

    I have been entertaining the idea of equipping my laptop with GPS. About the only names I am familiar with in the GPS world are Garmin and Magellan. I noticed while doing research that there a few other brands out there. Do any of you knowledgeable guys and gals use GPS on your laptop? What...
  17. headchange4u

    Looks like the Pint is almost there.

    The red PCB will look good in a Sexy mint tin (see link for my Sexy Cmoy in my sig.).
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    I got a CRKT Van Hoy Snap Lock for Christmas and I love it. You can get them pretty cheap on Ebay:
  19. headchange4u

    Adhesive Mounting PCB Standoffs

    Just use a normal standoff and use epoxy to as an adhesive.
  20. headchange4u

    New Amp. Dared Musical Instruments MP-5 Tube Amp w/ DAC

    Quote: Originally Posted by Jahn Sort of discussed in this thread but not really so have at it! In my own defense, I did do a search before I posted this thread, but I did not find anything dedicated to this particular amp. It seems rich in features for a reasonable price, so there.
  21. headchange4u

    New Amp. Dared Musical Instruments MP-5 Tube Amp w/ DAC

    I saw this today and I thought I would pass the info along. Review Dared Homepage Quote: Vacuum tube amplifier manufacturer, DARED MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, have just released a new mini tube headphone amp known as the MP-5 USB DTA! Priced at a competive $559, it...
  22. headchange4u

    DIY Cable Gallery!!

    goalie35, nice work. You have been busy! Quote: Originally Posted by RnB180 why are so many people making iPod docks all of a sudden? I think there are something like 50 million iPods out there, so I guess everyone has one!! It's becoming more common than a toaster.
  23. headchange4u

    Dr.Meier's Cross-1 discussion.

    I had been reading up on the Cross-1 for the last couple of days. I have missed the whole "Free PCB" thing. Is it possible to still get a PCB because I would REALLY like to build one of these. Where to I go to order them (I am willing to pay for one if need be )? TIA! EDIT: Nevermind. I...
  24. headchange4u

    DIY Cable Gallery!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by FallenAngel headchange4u: Wow, nice little cable, similar to what I have, but I went retail cause I really didn't know about this forum when I planned the IPod car integration. How long did it take you to make those and how much did it cost? Like...
  25. headchange4u

    DIY Cable Gallery!!

    Another iPod to line out to RCA cable. This one is made from Canare Star Quad with Canare RCA's. This is going to connected to a car stereo via an aux input on the head unit. This is a lot like the one I use in my truck.