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  1. Almoxil

    Made first purchase, but undecided.

    Ultrasone HFI-780 for $200 ~ $220 or Ultrasone HFI-550 for around $120 (plus shipping off eBay): both have great punchy and clean bass for those genres. And don't look back...
  2. Almoxil

    Full sized cans, closed. What for my use?

    DBI-Pro 700. Circumaural, comfortable, built like a tank, great sound, respond very well to EQ'ing and are a steal at $30 + S&H off eBay. Work great out of my Cowon S9 and my TBAAM.
  3. Almoxil

    SRH840 vs HFI-780 vs GMP 8.35D

    HFI-780, IMO. Amazing cans with punchy bass for rock, rap, R'n'B and hip-hop. I'm not much into psy trance and Indian music, so I can't speak for those genres. You can grab them for around $220 + S&H off eBay, brand new.
  4. Almoxil

    Looking for earphone under $100

    If you like punchy bass, my vote goes to the Ultrasone HFI-550 in the $100 price range. Big fast bass which doesn't cloud the mids (which is my experience with the AKG K81DJ). More comfortable than the K18DJs as well (circumaural vs supraaural). If you want some really good budget cans, the...
  5. Almoxil

    Help with closed phones

    I've got the Ultrasone HFI-550, and they're very capable headphones. Overall great sound with emphasis on bass, which has great punch. Isolation is above average and they don't leak unless you listen at unreasonable (and unhealthy) volume levels. They usually appear at eBay for $100 - $150, and...
  6. Almoxil


    I bought my AKG K271S from Yogi-comp, and had no hassle at all. Sorry to hear you're having problems dealing with them.
  7. Almoxil

    Best headphones for ~$90

    The DBI Pro 700 are a steal for $40 off eBay. Don't know whether you'll like their sound sig, though, since you like Senns.
  8. Almoxil

    dbi Pro700: first impressions

    Quote: Originally Posted by srcHG I just got my dbi pro 700 this week and I'm quite pleased with their sound. But the Highs are a bit too sharp and pronounced for my taste (I'm used to my SR80is). I think I will try some other pads, the only problem is that I'm currently in the USA and...
  9. Almoxil

    dbi Pro700: first impressions

    Quote: Originally Posted by silentmeloud (...) Sound & everything else This headphones doesn't need extensive burn-in. When i got them - they sound distorted, but after 20 minutes on good volume sound became good & the same as after 50 hours of usage with "Ultimate burn-in" track...
  10. Almoxil

    Grado SR325is or Denon D2000's or AKG K701 HELP!!!!!!

    If you want a thumping bass in a pretty detailed headphone which can be driven by a portable player (Cowon S9 owner here), you can't go wrong with the Ultrasone HFI-780. They do rock, electronic and related genres very well.
  11. Almoxil

    Newbie Headphone Question

    I've got a pair (heh, actually 3 pairs ) of dbi Pro 700 headphones. They're circumaural, closed, comfortable, don't need amping and have great sound, with overall flat (but far from boring) sound signature and plenty of punch to the bass. They are very well built, and can stand a lot of abuse...
  12. Almoxil

    Need help on deciding on headphones

    Ultrasone HFI-780 ($200 ~ $250) has lots of great bass. Ultrasone HFI-550 ($100 ~ $120) also has good impact to the bass, but less detail. The dbi Pro 700 ($30 + S&H off eBay) has great bass too. Maybe not enough for certified bassheads, but they do have punch. Hard to beat at their price...
  13. Almoxil

    Ultrasone HFI 780 vs Beyer 770

    Like previously said, Ultrasones aren't known for their comfort. The headband padding can make pressure on the top of your head, and it does get annoying after more than 2 hours (or even less, depending on the person). But I usually don't listen to music for 2 hours straight; I listen to an...
  14. Almoxil

    Ultrasone HFI 780 vs Beyer 770

    Haven't heard the DT770, but I don't think the HFI-780 sound all over the place; pretty much the opposite, actually. I love their bass: it's punchy and authoritative, but at the same time it doesn't "contaminate" the rest of the sound like many other headphones I've tried before. IMO, of course...
  15. Almoxil

    Music lover, headphone rookie looking to learn/buy

    Have you thought about Ultrasones? The HFI-780 is a closed can within your price range (you can get them for $200 ~ $250). Great for most of the music genres you mentioned (I listen to metal, rock, some rap-rock / rap-metal and some R'n'B), they've got a pretty detailed sound with great punch to...
  16. Almoxil

    headphones for metal?

    At a "steal" price point, you could get the dbi Pro700. Pros:Great (and I mean it) sound. Works great for rock and metal; Great SQ / $ ratio; Cheap ($30 + S&H off eBay); Can be driven from portable sources. Don't know about the Zune HD, but my Cowon S9 drives them well; Circumaural and very...
  17. Almoxil

    Purchasing: "Closed-back" headphones.

    For me, neither AKG nor Sennheiser gave that "punch". My K271 doesn't have a satisfying bass impact. The AKG K81DJ I had was the oppostite, having insane ammounts of bass that muddied the sound. The Sennheisers I had or tried (PX100 and HD205) had a veiled presentation which turned me off; too...
  18. Almoxil

    Which Headphones Have Most Powerful Sub-Bass?

    Have you tried the HFI-780? It's supposed to have more bass than the Pro900, FWIR. I've got a pair, and they do have great bass, both in terms of quantity and quality.
  19. Almoxil

    Purchasing: "Closed-back" headphones.

    I have a pair of K271. They are great sounding cans, but don't have a "fun" sound signature some people (like me) are looking for. Particularly, I find that my K271s lack punch to the bass, even when amped. I can listen to the bass notes, but not feel them. So I've bought my Ultrasone and DBI...
  20. Almoxil

    audiophile closed headphone or in ear ?

    Quote: Originally Posted by fillemon @Almoxil i listen to a lot of styles but no techo, no metal. I like very much acoustic music, or small combo's, but also pop and rock. well here are some things i have been listing today (ane brun, john martyn, alison goldfrapp, diana krall...
  21. Almoxil

    audiophile closed headphone or in ear ?

    Tell us what kinds of music you're going to listen, and which is your price range. It'll make easier for other fellows to point out good options for you. As a starting point, I can make 2 suggestions (up to $100):Ultrasone HFI-550: have a fun sound signature, with plenty of punch to the bass...
  22. Almoxil

    Indestructible Closed Cans ($100-200)

    dbi Pro700. Sound really great for the price, closed, quite good isolation and are built like tanks, although not that heavy, if you get one with a non-armored cable (I just bought a pair from a fellow Head-Fier). They are a tad bulky and sport a industrial look which may turn some people off...
  23. Almoxil

    ESW9 vs SRH840

    Bass on the ESW9s is still a tad weak compared to other cans I own and/or listened to. Not to say they sound bad (quite the opposite, they have great SQ), but are more focused in detail than being fun to listen to, which is what I'm after. After meeting the Ultrasones and, more recently, my DBI...
  24. Almoxil

    Looking for bassy headphones for use at work also!

    Under $100, I can't resist recommending the dbi Pro700. Their bass is very good and has quite some punch. Also, another quality to their bass is that it doesn't overpower, masking the mids (*cough* K81DJ *cough*). Their sound is clear, clean, with plenty of authority and detail. They can be...
  25. Almoxil

    Next Can?

    Ultrasone Edition 8. Or Edition 9, if I still can find them the next year.