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  1. scrypt

    Portable amp for direct synth output (Tristan Perich)?

    In anticipation of the intriguing sound exhibit that's about to open at MoMA, I happened to revisit Tristan Perich's 1-Bit Symphony the other day, which is formatted as a standalone synthesizer/sequencer assembled by hand and attached to a CD jewel case --     -- which the listener...
  2. scrypt

    Pink and Blue and Gender, Oh, Mary!

    We all know that the assignment of gender to objects tends to be arbitrary.  If not, then the French language might prove to be suburbanite-disturbing (cf. la jeep).   As it turns out, the same level of institutionally enforced caprice applies to color.   Gender assignations of color are...
  3. scrypt

    My New Story's Lodged in the Throat of the Evergreen Review!

    I'm moved beyond human reason to report that my story "Alphanumerica" appears in the current issue of what is now the online magazine Evergreen Review.  The story enjoyed first-item status last week, but I hesitated to tell you about it until I'd finished toying with the first paragraph.  (Will...
  4. scrypt

    V-Moda Headphones for the Elderly

    Today while scrutinizing V-Moda's siteful o' pointy metal pivots, Giger-spined retractable accessories and incisor-shaped sexphones (sorry -- I meant erotophones), I realized that, despite his obsessive targeting of various unmined niches -- such as that intersection between audiophilia, DJ...
  5. scrypt

    We'll Miss You, Trish Keenan (1969-2011)

    On January 14, 2011, Trish Keenan, vocalist and co-founder of the British group, Broadcast, died of pneumonia after contracting H1-N1 flu during a tour of Australia.  Known for her clear intonation and lack of vibrato, ability to write simple melodies that evoke the past hauntingly, and interest...
  6. scrypt

    Microsoft Dares to Depress: LE Joy Division Zune Boon Due in June

    (This is for Jude, who asked me to post the following email on Head-fi.) ================================================== == No, it's not an April Fool's Day joke -- Microsoft really is planning a Limited Edition Joy Division Zune to coincide with the release of a DVD documentary about...
  7. scrypt

    It All Started in Cupertino

    I don't know about the rest of you haggard cap peelers, but I'm elated my retirement's dependent on the stock market. Have a look at this: An anonymous Apple employee forges an internal memo stating erroneously that the release of the...
  8. scrypt

    Listening to Damaged Vinyl: the Expressiveness of Flaws

    I thought this might be an interesting place to discuss the joys of listening to damaged vinyl: how extra layers of artifacts and flaws can add to the pleasure of listening to certain recordings. I'll begin by posting myself (see below), but don't feel obligated to respond to my thoughts on Tri...
  9. scrypt

    Death of an Orchestration Tome (Third Edition)

    Yoo-hoo -- any composition students or grads on these boards? If so, Mein Kampf, this morsel struggles toward you.* Yahs ago, when your lonesome was studying the orchestration manifestos of Piston, Kennan and Rimsky-Korsakov (as well as peeping Russo's Composing for Jazz Orchestra in my ample...
  10. scrypt

    Pulsating New Release of Bava's _Kill, Baby, Kill_

    Ms. Squealzibule and I were just jawing about this: The new release arose (figuratively) after I'd screened a taste of the ineffably bad version by MCI. M.S., despite said bad, wanted more due to the lobe-infecting excellence of the content: The release. A bit o' background...
  11. scrypt

    New Yorkers' Last Chance to See Morricone Conduct?

    Likely as not, since the esteemed flick composer is now in his eighties. Little chance he'll be conducting his passacaglia from The Stendhal Syndrome, or any of his difficult absolute music, but even so: Buy that ticket while you can for a few dollars less. True legends are growing scarce.
  12. scrypt

    Where in the World Are Reddy Kilowatt's Cohones?

    You'd think the 30s personification of electrical potency would at least pitch a high-voltage tent, but, apparently, he's a buzzing soprano. (By the way: if this toon lord were instead a lorddess named Shreya Reddy Kilowatt, what would be your visual indicator o' diva-fueled puissance?)
  13. scrypt

    Site Offers Free 20th Century Experimental Music and Film

    If you're a long-time appreciator of experimental work, then perhaps you're already familiar with the UbuWeb archive. If not, have a look: For avant garde twentieth century music and performance, as well as contemporary experimental music and performance, try this...
  14. scrypt

    Deals: inexpensive cases for the iRiver H140 . . .

    . . are available here: (1) White leather cases are go for under $30 at Here's an excerpt from my invoice: "1 x Leather case iRiver H140 Tradition - White (4302T2) = $25.67 ------------------------------------------------------ Fedex (0.2For : United States): $8.85 Total...
  15. scrypt

    Improvisation versus Competition

    People have sometimes asked why I spend so much time on Head-fi. They wonder why I don't choose to frequent sites and lists which are exclusively literary and/or academic. The answer to that lies partly in the compassionate but vigilantly polite atmosphere created by Jude and the moderators; but...
  16. scrypt

    Where Are the Good Hasidic Death Metal Parrots?

    During an excruciatingly slow night at Ye Old Orifice Cubicle, I found myself wondering whether German black metal bands had appropriated every single story title in the Poe and Lovecraft catalog. (Sadly, they had; for a bad time, google House of Usher or Kadath; when will these people move on...
  17. scrypt

    Acclaimed Violinists and Crippling Acupuncturists

    Long ago, I used to seek the ministrations of a poetic needle-wielding lady for my mind-atomizing insomnia. Though she was a licensed acupuncturist, and the treatment seemed to help, I won't be trying that sort of thing again after reading this: Quote: From: Clovis Lark Newsgroups...
  18. scrypt

    Famous Canadian musicians condemn ludicrous file sharing penalties

    I've been saying this for a turtle's death, but then again, so has Chuck D. (do excuse my headline rescrawls): Famous Canadian Musicians Condemn Ludicrous File Sharing Penalties Elsewhere, on a less shaded pitch: Kill a Musician, Serve Five; Upload Their Song, Try Twenty
  19. scrypt

    Terrorists and Fanboys

    Terrorists and fanboys have this in common: Both despise people who do things too perfectly, receive untoward attention or otherwise invite excessive scrutiny. The ignored are attracted to celebrity even as they resent it: Sabotage is the toemaiden of envy. (I mean this to be a sociological...
  20. scrypt

    Welcome to Bad Beer Playhouse!

    Have you ever tasted a beer that you felt was worth telling people about but not ever drinking again? Bad theater, music and indie films are often like that; alcoholic beverages, less often (thank Baby Finster). While it is unlikely that many of us have been haunted by unsatisfying beer, I...
  21. scrypt

    What Did You Do on New Year's Eve, You Naughty Foont?

    What, prithee, did you do on New Year's Eve, my radiant Head-fi shank-swinger? Where were you when the clock drooled twelve-oh-oh sharp? I'll suppose I'll start things off by describing, in a nutshell the size of Zeus's codpiece, what this foont did: As the penultimate course of a...
  22. scrypt

    Places to Enjoy Debauchery after Burying My Father in Portland

    I'm about to jet to Portland, Oregon to attend a reluctantly planned get-together in memory of my father, who became inert matter last Monday. His last wife's grief seems conspicuously absent, hence the lack of formalities (such as the barest funeral or memorial service). Funny thing about...
  23. scrypt

    Name-Dropping and the Newest Faux-Wuorinenian Thumplibet

    Does anyone know anything about Bruno Pronsato's new 12", "Wuorinen" (ORAC) and whether it really has anything to do with the music of Charles Wuorinen? If so, said slab's in the tradition of Nordheim Transformed and I'd like to auricle it. I'm hoping Prosato's newest isn't simply another...
  24. scrypt

    The Distressingly Symmetrical Circuit Boards of Raymond Samuels

    For a long time, studying photos of Ray Samuels's circuit boards has left me feeling terrified and alone. Late into morning, I find myself hugging badly soldered cables and visualizing the haphazard wiring of an assistant engineer's slovenly direct box. You see, Ray is too much of a...