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  1. dBel84

    Cavalli Audio Liquid Fire is finally here

    As one who has been listening to this amp for nearly a year, it is with no small amount of celebration that I post here to let you all know that Alex Cavalli has finally released his first production amp. There were times that I thought the entire endeavor would collapse into itself and that the...
  2. dBel84

    Time for Tubes

    This is one of those must haves for tube freaks - DIY wall clock from tubecad ..dB
  3. dBel84

    small form factor 100k or 50k pot

    I am looking for a small but good stereo pot, something along the size of the small alpha pots but with better tracking. I know the small alps are an option but wondering if there are any other possible attenuators out there that I have not stumbled upon. The RK27 etc is too big, really has...
  4. dBel84

    Need some help getting DVD ide drive to work

    I thought I would be smart and pick up a cheap dvd burner for my asus I have a usb - ide (pata/sata) cable which works perfectly for any drive I have tried it on but for some reason I can't get the dvd to work. The dvd is powered from an external 12V/5V supply designed for this purpose and...
  5. dBel84

    Texas Components vishay TX2352

    Any one know where to get these from. Not the sort of thing I normally go for and the only place I thought might have them is Michael Percy but they don't stock them. tia ..dB ps - it looks like you can get them directly but I don't see an order option.
  6. dBel84

    a question for dremel users

    I need to replace an OEM rotary tool and have decided to get a dremel. Does anyone have an opinion for getting the newer 400 XPR series over the 3956.I have read a few reviews but thought I would get opinions from folk who use the tools for similar purposes as to what I will be using them. TIA..dB
  7. dBel84

    VSAC 2008 Vancouver WA / Portland Meet

    2 words "Tube Heaven" I thought I would get things rolling with a few comments and images. Firstly a BIG thankyou to Ironbut for organizing a HeadFi presence, not to mention bringing his tape rig and Zana Duex. My highlights ironut's tape player Craig's workmanship - the Eddie...
  8. dBel84

    series - parallel tube heater sanity check

    I am going to set up one of my tube amps to switch between a series and parallel 12.6VAC heater supply. I have looked at a few possible ways to switch them and think I have come up with the most simple solution but I need a sanity check. The diagram should be self explanatory , the switch is a...
  9. dBel84

    impromptu NW tube "meet"

    I discovered that I was to be "home alone" on presidents day and thought it was a great time to get some gear out and sachu was keen to get together so it was more of a hangout and chat about the things we are passionate about. He brought over his scott nixon dac, mini3 and HD580's and I set...
  10. dBel84

    Bijou All Tube Futterman Headphone Amplifier

    I know there are a ton of DIY amps already on offer but thought some of you may be interested in this one too. runeight has released his Bijou and many of us have already seen vixr's fine workmanship 1. 2. in the 'post pics of your build' thread. The official Bijou support thread and group...
  11. dBel84

    DIY free stuff, sorry local pickup only

    I am moving shortly and have to drop some weight (you can keep any snide remarks to yerselves, thank you). I have a few bits that may come in handy for a diyr. I didn't post this on the sale/trade thread because it is mostly to do with diy. 1. pcb fabrication - variable temp water bath...