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    According to kova4a the new VSONIC GR09 flagship will cost around $600, with the pre-order price being around $300. We know so far that it will have ceramic housing and utilize carbon nanotube drivers.
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    iPhone 6s Sound Quality

    Anyone else getting the iPhone 6s? I'm getting the rose gold one to replace my S6 Edge.  
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    Aurisonics Bravo Series Harmony

    Anyone else getting the upcoming Aurisonics flagship? Driver: Custom 9.25 mm precision rare-earth dynamic + dual HDBA tweeter 3D printed, Digital Hybrid Technology shell fits 95% of ears like a custom Cable: Detachable MMCXi silver-plated low oxygen copper cable...
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    Computer Audiophile C.A.P.S. v4 Pipeline   Purchase link:     Anyone have this or tried it? Any impressions?
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    New Audeze "Prototype-Z"!

      Audeze "Prototype-Z"   "It features a new ultra-high-density voice-coil, a first in planar magnetic design, along with a newly-patented diaphragm. The end result is a whopping 1200 Ohm impedance. The force that's generated on the surface of the diaphragm is directly proportional to the...
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    New iBasso Flagship DAP!

    According to member CosmicHolyGhost, iBasso is in the process of making a new flagship DAP to replace the legendary DX100!     "I have just read that ibasso will be releasing a successor of their flagship DX100 mid-2015.... it seems they are competing heads on again? This bodes well for...
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    [ Interest Check ] DC Metropolitan Area Meet - May or June

    Anyone living in this area up for a meet? I know there is Capital Audio Fest, but unfortunately I wont be able to make it. :(
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    Black Cat Cables?

    I was doing some research on interconnects and came across Black Cat Cables, it seems to be praised for its superb value. Has anyone heard them?
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    Taiwan Meet?

    Are there any head-fiers in Taiwan that would be interested in a meet?
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    Most ergonomic ciem cable

    What is the most ergonomic ciem cable you have ever used? I am in need of a very ergonomic cable to use with my ciems on the go.
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    Hidition NT-6 PRO Appreciation/Impressions Thread

    Just sent in my impressions to Hidition for these, hope to get them soon. People who own these, impressions!     PRODUCT PAGE:     Average_Joe's Review:     Barra's...
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    Best way to rip CD's to computer?

    To get the highest quality rip, are you supposed to use a program called exact audio copy?
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    The absolute BEST amp for the LCD-3 (only vote if you have heard the mjolnir and at least one other amp, preferably most on the list)

    Set on getting LCD3s, preferred its sound to the hifimans in general by a wide margin. Heard LCD3s with the mjolnir and gungnir and loved it. But I have only heard the LCD3s with the mjolnir amp, are there other amps that are better than the mjolnir FOR THE LCD3s in your opinion? Only vote if...