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  1. megabigeye

    Dead Link

    HI there, The "Help & Recommendations Forum" link at the top of the Portable Amps sub-forum is broken.
  2. megabigeye


    Scientifically proven and guaranteed to make all music on any system sound at least 100% better! Higher highs! More impassioned vocals! Bassier bass! All for the low, low cost of your sobriety! COCKTAILS! If you've moved beyond simply pouring finger or pounding beers and if audiophilia is...
  3. megabigeye

    NE-7m problems

    Okay, I've been pouring over various threads here for a few days now (okay, a few weeks, but that's beside the point) and haven't found an answer to my problem. Or even a mention of somebody having a similar problem. So I don't feel too bad starting a new thread. After reading all the rave...