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  1. Linda513

    Dead swan with bird flu one mile away from me.....

    Wasn't the Hong Kong flu of 1968 also bird flu? Is this a different bird flu? If I survived that one, maybe I have immunity.
  2. Linda513

    My Baking Hobby...need help on cookies

    Putting margarine on the pan could cause the excess browning on the bottom. Cookies usually don't need a greased sheet to cook on because they have plenty of fat in them to begin with. Let us know how your experimenting works out.
  3. Linda513

    Forum speak... the new alt-English??

    Quote: Originally Posted by wakeride74 What does that one mean? I agree about the acronyms... they make typing easier and serve a purpose but the others are just kind of worthless. Either way it's a slang more than a language but is still taking a form of it's own it seems... IMO...
  4. Linda513

    Someone picked the Final Four correctly

    No offense taken, I pick them by color, locale, and mascot. And I do just as well as someone who knows what they are doing. Well, not always.
  5. Linda513

    Forum speak... the new alt-English??

    The current one I hate is mwa, my daughter and her friends use it all the time.
  6. Linda513

    Pictures of your portable rig- Part V: Viva La Audio Revolution

    Hopefully another pair of headphones will be in the photo soon.
  7. Linda513

    If I like HD25-SP will I like ER-6i

    Thanks to you guys I have a great pair of headphones, the Sennheiser HD25-SP. I'm really liking these, thank you very much! Now I want to replace my E2c's. I've never like them, they are so uncomfortable and after listening to music and audiobooks with the HD25-SP I realize the E2c's sound...
  8. Linda513

    Engagement Ring

    I agree. Buy a nice manmade diamond and tell her how lucky she is that she is marrying a man who is concerned about child labor, slave labor, civil war, etc. With the money you save you can get a platinum setting. My cousin is a jeweler and we get everything at his cost, but I won't buy diamonds.
  9. Linda513

    Pictures of My iBook Rig

    Quote: Originally Posted by RockinOut 1) iPod doesn't have a digital output, so I can't use the Micro DAC with it. Micro DAC needs an optical, coax, or USB digital input. Only portable players with digital output is iRiver H120/140. The Micro DAC to my ears improves sound dramatically...
  10. Linda513

    Newbie seeks fun loving IEM!! Needs GSOH ;-)

    I'll second Darkninja's opinion about the E2c - unless you like listening to music that sounds like its coming out of tincans.
  11. Linda513

    What would you do in this situation?

    I wouldn't take the money. I'd ask him to donate it to his favorite charity instead. Linda
  12. Linda513

    best sound quality

    Quote: Originally Posted by ZackT Just to save you a bit of time. Can I suggest you try the 224 AAC setting? Bitrate has been talked to death here but I think most people would say that in a portable situation this is the best compromise between space/battery/sound. But do a search...
  13. Linda513

    best sound quality

    Thank you!
  14. Linda513

    best sound quality

    Will I get better sound quality on my ipod if I download music from the itunes music store, or copy it from a cd into itunes? Thank you,
  15. Linda513

    Headphones banned!

    Maybe music helps them concentrate. The locker room must be a lot quieter if everyone is listening to their own music. Unless there is a structured method that the coach uses for them to "prepare for the match" I don't see a problem with them listening to music, inspirational recordings...
  16. Linda513

    New and need recs for headphones

    I've just spent a good hour reading posts on this forum - its quite fascinating! And there are so many different opinions its hard to decide on what I need. Here's some background: What I listen to: rock/pop/folk/soundtracks from theater and movies/audiobooks/podcasts What I listen on...
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