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  1. Focal Elear + Dekoni sheepskin pads

    Selling well cared for Focal Elear. Purchased refurbished and have had no problems with the drivers. Original pads are new, leather Dekoni fenestrated sheepskin pads show a slight amount of wear. Additional 1.2m cable is included as well as original. Shipping included in cont. U.S. Thanks for...
  2. Beyerdynamic DT1770 Pro

    Selling my very lightly used Beyerdynamic DT1770 pros. These are in great condition with the only flaw being the head band padding came untucked from one side. Comes with both velour and pleather pads. Comes with the original long cable and coiled cable with an additional short aftermarket...
  3. SantinoSan

    Focal Elegia - what do you think?

    May I ask why tinnitus is causing you to sell your IEMs?
  4. SantinoSan

    Who here likes a flat frequency response?

    After more playing with eq and trying quite a few different headphones EQed to Harmon I have settled on Harmon curve plus 6db from 20 to 100ish hz. I think I may be a basshead, but to my ears this sounds inline with my calibrated theater. It's crazy how much each person hears differently.
  5. SantinoSan

    Focal Stellia Review, Measurements, Interview - Head-Fi TV
  6. SantinoSan

    Focal Elear - Impressions Thread

    Why did you delete your post lok777? You have, what sounds like, either really bassy taste or a defective unit. It has been established that the drivers will clip but only with very bassy and LOUD music. I have never heard it with my Elear, but I know it has been a problem with other's cans.
  7. SantinoSan

    IEM vs. Regular Headphones

    Bringing this thread back from the dead.
  8. SantinoSan

    Beyerdynamic DT-1770: Product Info, Discussion and Impressions

    The 1770s have a huge peak around 8k, which can be very uncomfortable for treble sensitive ears. Without eq I can't listen to mine.
  9. SantinoSan

    Focal Elear - Impressions Thread

    If anyone is considering these, has these factory refurbished for $400. I have bought quite a few items from the site and they are legit.
  10. SantinoSan

    Beyerdynamic DT-1770: Product Info, Discussion and Impressions

    I'll answer my own question as I have both the DT1770 and DT770 pro 80 Ohms in my possession. The bass on the DT1770 is quite a bit elevated above what the DT770 presents. There is a lot more midbass slam on the DT1770, which gives kick drums a bit more POW! The sub bass is also elevated more...
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    The Monoprice Quintet is all black with the MP brand logo and Quintet written on them. I believe they are identical otherwise. Hard to find much info online, it is all about the BQ3. My favorite DnB album Hold Your Colour by Pendulum sounds great despite being a little hot in the treble. Very...
  12. SantinoSan


    I listen to a lot of dubstep, drum and bass, and other random EDM, they really do sound great for these genres. No Jazz though sorry. As far as price, I think the going price is about right for how competent they are. I have the Monoprice version of them for sale. PM me if interested.
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    They are relaxed with recessed mids, but some top end sparkle. The treble can be described as detailed but a little thin, which makes cymbals sound a little tizzy. The overall tone is dark with really forward bass. The bass is pretty fast to my ears and doesn't seem to creep into the mids too...
  14. SantinoSan

    Been gone the itch for something new...

    Hard to go wrong with Beyerdynamics DT770 Pro. Well under $200 and proven performers. Super comfortable.
  15. SantinoSan

    CCA C12 a basshead IEM? Really?

    I have them. They are good for EDM, though they can be a tad sharp in the treble. The bass is big but not bass-head big without eq. For $35 they are definitely a bargain.
  16. SantinoSan

    Who here likes a flat frequency response?

    scgorg, you bring up very good points. I don't know what curve equalizeAPO uses <update: the curve is the SABF-serious curve> but it sounds great to my ears. Not really flat after all, but rolled off highs...see below.
  17. SantinoSan

    Who here likes a flat frequency response?

    I am an admitted bass head too. Started in car audio like a lot of people here so I have a soft spot for the rumble. Maybe my tastes are changing with old age. Now I'm wishing I had a portable DAP with a nice parametric eq that can stream music or some better cans so I no longer need eq!
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    Who here likes a flat frequency response?

    Just discovered EqualizerAPO and WOW! I am using the flat curve (only one I could find) for my HE400 and I like the sound of the EQed cans much better than stock. I thought I would miss the bass and, to be fair, having head shaking bass is nice, but flat, the bass sounds so much less intrusive...
  19. SantinoSan

    **Hifiman HE-400 Impressions and Discussion Thread**

    Just wanted to pop in here to report that the 400's being driven off of a Fiio E7 then through a Zo 1 on the first bass boost setting is just sublime.  I am a bit of a basshead, so I need a bass boost for almost all phones. This combination is just so good. So much detail and pounding bass for...
  20. SantinoSan

    How do HF5s stack up against TF 10s? *Both Unamped*

    I'm probably just going to repeat what most here are saying.  Both phones have good sound, but different signatures. The TF10s are a bit more boosted on the low end, but I don't find the treble boosted. I find my HF5s to have more treble energy than the TF10s. The HF5s are definitely more...
  21. SantinoSan

    Kozee Sound Solutions ** MAJOR CS ISSUES - NOT RECOMMENDED (info in first post) ** Custom IEMs & Reshell review

    Just wanted to throw my experience in the ring here.  I sent out a pair of TF10s to be reshelled way back in April.  It did take a while...longer than most, but after talking with Adam, whom I may add is a very straight forward person and never once told me anything but the truth, I found out he...
  22. SantinoSan

    Etymotic ER4 versus ADDIEM

    Hello all.  I have been intrigued by the accuracy of the Etymotics but am curious of their signature versus other IEMs that I have, mainly the ADDIEMs.  How does the bass quantity and treble quantity compare.  I assume quality is much higher on the Etys, so I'm more concerned about sound...
  23. SantinoSan

    Sparkle & Atrio can now be used in the same sentence...

    I will still have to respectfully disagree.  I have compared most of my graphs with what is available from headroom and others, and what I see in my graphs is fairly close to what the other professionals have recorded.  It must be remembered, that the 3k dip is intentional as there is a...
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