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    yarland p100 with 12ax7 tubes

    I just bought a yarland p100 from a fellow head-fi'er and am waiting for it to arrive. I've read all the yarland p100 threads and afaik the p100 comes with (chinese) el84 and 6n3 tubes. The tubes this yarland uses are the el84/6p14p/6bq5 and to my suprise the 12ax7. This is good news, since it...
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    headphone addicts typology

    Ever since I got to know Head-Fi, I've been fascinated by the many different types of headphone addicts (headdicts?). I've tried categorizing them in three broad and admittedly overly generalized types. See below. Recognize anything?   character and type a: the lyrical headdict b: the...
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    rss feeds don't work

    Is this just me or is anyone else having problems with the rss feeds? I'm using firefox and the feeds do not get updated at all. thanks for looking into it!
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    broken wharfedale id2 orthodynamic headphone

    I have a pair of wharfedale id2 orthodynamic headphones which are truly difficult to drive. I stashed them in the downstairs cupboard, because my vintage sansui amp as wells as the modded philips cd player with dedidacted headphone section actually did a pretty good job of driving them (better...
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    Afterglow thread: post your eargasm here

    I just finished putting together an old cupboard in one of the attic rooms (quite a challenge with a third of the screws missing) and just sat down to listen to something nice. I put on Lisa Ekdahl singing Salvador Poe compositions: Daybreak. Was listening through flac-zero dac-little dot 1+...
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    vintage dt880

    Is there anyone with experience with a vintage dt880 (late 80s)? I just bought one and am waiting for it to be sent to me. I have a dt990 from the same period which is one of the best headphones I've ever heard and I am curious whether the dt880 from the same period is as good.
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    post count stuck at 1,080. Head-fi time travel loop?

    Not sure whether I should be posting this here, but I noticed that since a few days my post count can't seem to pass the 1,080 mark . Whenever I pass the mark, a few posts later I notice that I am back in the 1,070s again. Is this some kind of head-fi time travel loop thing or are there sinister...
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    Jecklin Float model 2 and mono recordings: bliss!

    A few months ago, there was a short thread (which I can’t seem to locate anymore...) about what headphones would be best for old mono recordings. Headphones that wouldn’t be too unforgiving and make it impossible to listen past the hisses, cracks, volume and speed variations and other noises...
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    Where is the love? Ultrasone HFI680

    There is a lotta love at Head-Fi for the Pro(line) 750 (and some other sentiments as well ) and the HFI780 (whether recabled or stock), but the HFI680 seems to be completely unknown. The fact that the American Ultrasone distributor choose not to distribute the HFI680 is probably largely to blame...
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    Chinese headphones

    I did some searches here to find out about Chinese headphones, but they didn't turn up much. At least no addresses where you can actually buy them if you're not based in China. I saw these gorgeous-looking Shenzhen Grandsun headphones, the GS800. Anybody know these? Do they sound as good as...
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    Sennheiser PXC450 conundrum

    It’s one of those days. My wife and child are with my in-laws for the weekend and I should be finishing a paper, so I am stuck behind the computer. Which is OK, given that I just received some nice new music (World’s End Girlfriend, Japanese post rock ). So in between the writing I was switching...
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    Sextett on (Europe only)

    For all you Sextett lovers: AKG K240 * Hochwertiger Kopfhörer K 240 - eBay, Kopfhörer, Audio Hi-Fi. (Eindtijd 27-jul-08 17:45:00 CEST) It is a Sextett, right? holes in the headband, silver rings on the cups. Doesn't look expensive, but then it does look in need of some TLC. Only for...
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    AKG K500 driver busted... now what?

    I bought a second-hand pair of AKG K500's in very good condition or so I thought. They sounded great, but after a while I noticed that there was a kind of buzzing hum in the left ear that really played up at certain low frequencies. I am not very DIY when it comes to headphones, so I asked a...
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    So happy with the Ultrasone HFI 680!

    I’ll be smiling all day today and tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and… I just opened the box containing a brand new set of Ultrasone HFI 680’s. I ordered them on Monday from and the next morning (that’s impressive even if you’re in the same country) they were waiting for me at...
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    Help!: Ultrasone Pro(line) 750 or Ultrasone HFI 780?

    I have been reading all the threads on the Ultrasone Pro(line) 750 and the Ultrasone HFI 780 and I know I want one of them, but I can’t decide which one. 750 and 780 owners, please help me out! I am looking for accurate sounding closed cans that I can use at work (most of the time) and while...