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  1. justi

    Senn HD570s finally broke after all this time :( any replacement suggestions?

    First, let me say its nice to be back here after a 3 year hiatus (You last visited: 11-02-2005 at 10:43 PM). My trusty, awesome headphones seem to have finally died on me and I do not beleive Sennheiser will repair them for free this time. I definitely enjoyed the mass amount of comfort...
  2. justi

    ex71 seal

    I used to get a perfect seal with my ex71s with the small tips in both ears, but now its like my left ear has gotten smaller or something. I still get the perfect seal in my right ear but my left one just hurts when I try to get it in and won't go through for some reason. any ideas? thanks...
  3. justi

    upgrade from EX71s?

    well I had another thread about this and ended up getting EX71s and I am pretty disappointed with the sound I'm getting from them even after playing around with my karma's EQ. so I am wondering what some other suggestions might be I would like them to be isolated, not be able to heard that much...
  4. justi

    audigy 2 zs question =)

    JUST got my audigy 2 zs at best buy. was wondering if I should install the full installion in the drivers or the driver only? what are the advantages and disadvantages? I have the full installion on here right now but I'm still wondering. thanks a bunch! -justi
  5. justi

    eSports site reviews headphones

    one of the sites I visit alot reviewed some headphones, not sure how accurate they were but here it is. thought this was interesting .
  6. justi

    plantronics dsp-500

    Has anyone had any experience with these headphones? They are pretty unique, usb connection only, etc. Just have to ask. Thanks! there is a link to them on the plantronics site.
  7. justi

    headphone suggestion

    I am in the market for some new headphones and I wanted to know what would be the best for me. I will be using them for computer gaming and listening to my iPod. I head alot of you suggest the v-6's (what are these?) and the HD280's (sennheiser). I have about 50-80 to spend give or take a...