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  1. zzffnn

    ATH-M50X headset alternative: closed back, single sided detachable cable, around 200 USD new, used with V-MODA mic cable

    Hello, I am looking for a ~$200 USD (new cost, not used) alternative to ATH-M50X for my wife. These closed headphones should have detachable single sided cable, just like M50X. They should be closed back headphones that would work with V-MODA BoomPro microphone cable or similar cables (any...
  2. zzffnn

    $155 wireless IEMs w/ integrated mp3 player

    This is a kickstarter project started by a M.I.T. post-doctoral physicist, a master degree biologist and a experienced mechanical engineer.  Briefly, the IEMs have  1) mp3 player built in; 2) no wire required for listening; 3) storage space for up to 24 mp3s; 4) battery life of 3-4 hrs; 5) 6mm...
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    The Fiio X5 Thread

    Fiio's official product page for X5: This thread is for discussion of Fiio X5, which is expected to be in production in end of 2013 (edit: Mass production of X5 will start in China in around mid December and X5...
  5. zzffnn

    XBMC / exFAT USB / flac / wifi capable media player w/ Android 4.0

    It is called "Xios" from Pivos.       Some details can be found here from Newegg feedack (XBMC mentioned a few times)...
  6. zzffnn

    SicPhones (Kickstarter): Zen-style class A amp with Silicon Carbide JFET

          This headphone amp is currently a Kickstarter project:   The following description was copied from Tyll at innerfidelity:   "This is an amp that will show up on Kickstarter soon, and...
  7. zzffnn

    1000GB flac on-the-go successfully, streaming to iPhone/iPad/Android portables

    Edit: This is an old post / old approach, which is mainly used in home setting. See 2nd post for truly portable streaming. Please share you user experiences herein, if you have use a NAS as a flac server to stream to portable devices. Experiences from any similar devices (any NAS, any...
  8. zzffnn

    DIY "wireless" headphones with integrated mp3 player

    I posted details in the portable forum, please refer to here:
  9. zzffnn

    “Wireless” Headphone with integrated mp3 player (w/pic for DIY)

    Pictures first:   Picture 1: I have moved the Sansa Clip to the inner headband and moved it down a little bit but it otherwise looks similar like this:       Picture 2: Creative Aurvana Live headphones with the removable single entry able and without the Sansa Clip:  ...