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  1. luc0

    Oh god I've been DESTROYING my right ear drum for 5 years and only just realized it!

    I AM SO STUPID! For the last 4 years, I have had my Logitech Z560 subwoofer (it's loud) on the right side of my desk. Directly to the right of my chair. Obviously this has completely killed the hearing in my right ear, especially the bass. I only just noticed now, after the damage has been...
  2. luc0

    Never thought it would be this hard: UM1 vs. 5 vs E4C

    Well friends, I've been sitting here literally for 3.5 hours trying to decide which IEM's to get. Here's what I've come up with and I know you guys have to read threads like these 20 times a day, so bear with me. First a little background info: I'm coming from Shure E2C's which were my first...
  3. luc0

    Replacing E2C's: Which IEM has the most durable cord?

    Hi, first post here. I bought the Shure E2C's last fall and the cord has really been beaten up since then. I've had to do multiple applications of liquid electric tape (nasty stuff), but unfortunately I don't see them lasting much longer. Anyone else had a problem with the cord cracking after...