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  1. duff138

    PPA & Senn. 650 How do I spend my last few $

    I have Sennheiser 650 and I am getting a PPA amp, made by Voodoochile. Right now I considereing the PPA with discrete buffer. What is the best way to spend my last $100-200. Here are my choices: 1.upgrade headphone cable, maybe Zu Cable 2.BlackGates upgrade on PPA 3.stepped attenuator...
  2. duff138

    How many hours a day do you use Headphones?

    With a baby now I can't use the stereo late at night. My amp doesn't have a phone jack, so I'm just listening to headphones and a walkman. Usually about an 1- 1/2 hours a night. I have a feeling when I get my headphone amp the time spent will increase dramatically. I'll be able to use my...