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  1. Megazine

    When is SHURE's update cycle? Every 2-3 years?

    apple updates their products every year but how about SHURE IEM?
  2. Megazine

    Does on ear give us a better sound then IEM or they are incomparable to compete against each other?

    I always wanted to know this. I know on ear headphones give us more, better base and IEM gives us the best seal to block out outside noise.
  3. Megazine

    Which gives a better sound, iPhone 4 or Zune HD?

    Is their even a difference that we would notice or it's very close? I heard Zune HD gives you a better sound? I'm a iPhone 4 user.
  4. Megazine

    What you guys think of Monster Cable Beats Solo High-Definition​ On-Ear Headphones with Control Talk (Black) by Monster?

    i got them as a gift but I found the bass drowns out everything.. What do you think about them pros and cons? I'm not sure what to do with them.
  5. Megazine

    SHURE SE535 extension cable (where to buy and name?)

    Hey guys, can you help me by pointing in the right direction where to buy extension cables so I can listen to my video games at night. I have the SHURE SE535 and I want to connect it to my 7.1 Onkyo Reciever. Will I also be getting surround sound?
  6. Megazine

    Friend wants $100(max) headset. Which should I recommend to him?

    -He wants a bluetooth, wireless headset. -I'm sure he doesn't want a over head headset. -He would also like a mic on it but it's not a must -I think a behind neck headset will work best? He will be using it to listen to music through his iPad2. My other friend has the motorola S9-HD but I...
  7. Megazine

    SHURE SE 535 (First Post)- May you guys give me advice to take advantage of these sets?

    Hello fellow tuners. I'm new to this forum and so far I learned a few things here. This is my first so let me get started. I did research and I settled for the SHURE SE535. I would like advice on how to take advantage of these? I will be using my iPad2 and iphone4 mostly. I have a few questions...