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  1. Kenix

    Looking for portable closed cans that sounds like open ones

    I've been searching for portable headphones (no IEMs or buds) that will replicate the sound out of my Sennheisers (HD555, PX100) without leaking large volumes of sound. - Closed - Isolation not so important as just not leaking sound. - Exceptional comfort is a must. I have medium sized...
  2. Kenix

    Starting guitar this summer

    I'm not sure if this should go in Music or Member's Lounge, but either is as good as the other for responses. And guitars = music, right? Haha, in any case.. I've tried playing around with friends' guitars and really like it. So follows my new summer resolution - learn to play guitar! Does...
  3. Kenix

    Affordable 2.1 Computer Speakers

    Not sure if there's even a correct section for this thread, but I'm looking to upgrade from my crappy Infinity desktop speakers without spending more than a couple beers' worth of dough. Simply, what are the best 2.1 desktop speakers that can be had for under $100. Around $50 is ideal. 2.0...