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  1. ShaftedTwice

    What are the differences between the Beyerdynamic DT770 and Alessandro MS-1?

    I have come down to these two cans and I am wondering how they compare to each other. I've heard both are great rock cans, and the MS-1 is open, the DT770 is closed. I just can't decide!
  2. ShaftedTwice

    How do I open up a Creative EP-630?

    Ive been trying for a while but to no avail, is there a special technique to this?
  3. ShaftedTwice

    Time to get in shape: What is YOUR personal work-out?

    How do you work out, such as exercises and schedules? Post your own session of working out, this is mine, but those pictures are not me..: Quote: Monday, Wednesday, Friday (Try to anyways) Upper body: [1]Pectoral Butterflies [2]Grip Pull-downs [3]Pushdowns [4]Tricep...
  4. ShaftedTwice

    The left channel of my IEM just lost some volume..

    of my AL iM716. It still works and all, it just decreased in volume, where the right side is louder (where it is supposed to be). My ears are a little wet as I got out of the pool a while ago and i dried my ears out before putting them in.. I have some extra filters as well.
  5. ShaftedTwice

    Where can I get a job at 15 1/2?

    I've been looking a lot and can't seem to find very many places that hire at 15 1/2, it's just beginning summer and I hope to maybe get a job.
  6. ShaftedTwice

    Recommend me some good instrumental jazz..

    I've sorta been into smooth jazz recently and I want to just see all that is out there, but really I just want to start out with instrumental jazz only, can be any instruments, any kind of jazz, just something to get me started with.
  7. ShaftedTwice

    How to remove scratches?

    What is the best way of removing scratches off of a DAP? Is there a certain spray that is really good or anything?
  8. ShaftedTwice

    Are portable amps really worth it for a non-audiophile?

    I have just recently gotten myself into decent beginner headphones and am now about to order the iM716's and I was wondering, if I, someone who can't tell too much difference with sound quality, would really get a lot out of a portable amp in my situation?
  9. ShaftedTwice

    AKG K-81 DJ or Altec Lansing iM716?

    Well, I have narrowed it down to these two headphones and I honestly can't decide for the life of me... I have searched high and low for everything about each of these headphones and each turns out to be the best choice for its class at their price of $69.99 each.. In terms of sound quality, how...
  10. ShaftedTwice

    Yep, another metal thread..

    I know theres been a few metal threads recently, but hardly any of the bands listed meet my standards.. Either that or people listed a million bands where I wouldnt even know where to start with the best. So here are the bands that I already adore, I just need some more of it basically...
  11. ShaftedTwice

    Looking for an MP3 player, need help deciding which to get for around $150 used

    Alrighty folks, I really can't set my mind to just one MP3 player so I hope that you can help me out in choosing the right one. It needs to be like $150 used more or less, so the retail can be bumped up a little higher. It needs to be more that 15GB and I also need it to be pretty darn...
  12. ShaftedTwice

    There is absolutely no place that has the Creative EP-630 in stock!!

    If you can help me out with this, where can I buy these for around like $35 or so, the lower the better. Sorry if this is in the wrong section.
  13. ShaftedTwice

    So I need some advice and lighting on headphones..

    Ive been lurking these forums for a few days now and decided that I need to get me some headphones. First off, they need to be portable, I will be mostly listening to my MP3 player. Secondly, I listen to mainly Metal/Progressive Metal and such, along with some rock. I am not a basshead though...