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  1. neezee

    Monitor Comparison !HELP!

    Im currently looking at two panels but they both seem like cheap TN LCD monitors... im looking at the... Samsung 2494SW Samsung 2343BWX all i can see different is that one is an inch bigger and costs $20 more for that one inch... other then that it looks to me they are both very similar...
  2. neezee

    Worth Getting Tube Amp for HD650?

    Hi, still newish to head-fi and have a couple of portable amps (iBasso Boa/Viper and Predator (on-the-way)) would it be worth getting a Millett Hybrid for my HD650? listening mostly to classical/vocals/jazz thanks for your input
  3. neezee

    Looking for New Pair of IEMs

    Hey Guys, I'm looking for a new pair of IEM's and am currently looking between... Ultimate Ears 5 Pro and Sennheiser CX-500 my price range is ~200 CDN, and i'm going to be using these mainly for the commute to school (walking/bus/train)... so i think durability is a issue here...