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    Ant Audio W59 Dual Driver

    There have been many attempts of making earphones with multiple drivers per side. But to my knowledge, there have not been any noteworthy earphones that would not run into an issue. In many cases, the primary issue is that a 3.5 mm jack cannot deliver enough power to support a total of 4 audio...
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    OEMs the new taste makers

    My experience with high end earphones and headsets has been pretty extensive. But recently I’ve met some people that use earphones from manufactures that had never heard of before. Even as I’m travelling, I can see more and more people using headphones that I don’t even recognize. There are many...
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    SoundMAGIC ST80 - The purpose of utility

    I’ve rarely heard about SoundMagic pushing the boundaries regarding technology but in the same breath I can say that I have never been disappointed with any of their mid or high end products. I’ve lately come across a very interesting product which is the ST80 by SoundMagic. Besides the cool...
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    For the ones that love music but are not sure where to start

    For years, I have had the pleasure of experiencing music. I have been able to take on multiple headphones, earphones and speakers and I have been able to experience truly wonderful things. From noise isolation to cancellation; from basic headphones to 7.1 surround sound :ksc75smile::o2smile...