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  1. RochRx7

    IEM recommendation - similar sound sig to Monolith M1060?

    Per the title, I'm looking for an IEM version with a sound signature that resembles what the Monolith M1060s produce? It's been years since I've purchased any new stuff, and coming back... there's so many new brands out. I'm experiencing Choice Paralysis. Budget: $100-$350 Music: Acoustic...
  2. RochRx7

    $500 budget. M100 or PRO 900 or D2000 or DT770 or ????

    My cousin is a DJ.. mainly for electronic music.   Has 1 JL W7 in his WRX STi   So you know he's into hardcore subwoofer blastin you in the noggin.   He asked me for recommendations for some basshead cans just to listen at home or on the go.   Budget: $500 Genre: 90% EDM, Electronic...
  3. RochRx7

    Is there a better option at $50?

    I have gift cards/reward points for Best Buy that are expiring soon (ARGHHH)   I'm currently eye-ing the MEElectronics A151   Basically.. is this my best bet in this price range for a balanced sound?   Sound preference: Warm + Sweet/Non Bright etc Genres: Rock/Pop...
  4. RochRx7

    Is this UE 900 legit?

    How to spot a fake?   Too good to be true!?!? 
  5. RochRx7

    This a good deal?? BX8a $200

    Found a pair of M-Audio BX8a for $200 for the pair on Craigslist. Just wondering if this is a good deal at this price point? (sell $400 new online, $300 used online)