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    The large number of posts a bad thing?

      The large number of posts a bad thing?   I have joined to enjoy. I'm getting a lot of information here. And I enjoy the interaction with other participants.   Many Japanese seem to Head-Fi browsing. I where the number of posts is many seem that is heresy.   Music Forum to...

    My First Stax.

    My First Stax. It is SR-001 MK2. Burn-in is done now.

    My First Grado.

    The GRADO headphone was obtained for the first time. It is GRADO SR80. I am satisfied. I was going to import the individual from the state of the exchange. However, GRADO prohibits the US dealer from the overseas shipment. It is...

    CEC HD53 Headphone amp

    The used amplifier was procured. Headphone amp CEC HD53 CEC HD53 (Japanese site) As for HD53, the trouble where noise appears in the volume adjustment time is many. Also my HD53 was similar. It checked whether some part is...

    Remodeling of Valve-X (changed Pot & knob)

    I am using Tokyo-Sound Valve-X. (not "SE". first model) I contributed the following content. Change point from Valve-X to Valve-X SE. 1. AC code inlet type (detaching type) 2. It is an upgrade in a gangster error little and high...

    Today's D.I.Y. (iMod Cap-Box)

    It was rain today. Little construction was done at home. The CAP box for iMod(iPod mini) was made. iMod Cap-Box of the second work. It made to the connector type, and the exchange of capacitors was facilitated. CAP: Nichicon MUSE-ES 50V 4.7uF x 2 CASE: Takachi SW-40 (Case made of...

    Tokyo Sound "VALVE-X SE" Tube Headphone Amp

    It introduces the tube amp made in Japan. TOKYO SOUND VALVE-X SE (Japanese-Only) Specifications; Tube: 12AU7 x2 Frequency Response:10Hz - 60kHz Residual noise: 0.1mV or less Output: 650mW+650mW Input: Unbalanced Phono (RCA) Jacks...

    YAMAHA HP-1 (reproduced)

    I own YAMAHA HP-1. But, the arm band is broken, the ear pad is torn. I remodelled in order to utilize HP-1 for the second time. The part you took the arm band and the ear pad, from TH-380AV. The arm pad became originally close state. Ear pad locked with the both sides tape...

    ATH-ESW9 vs MDR-Z600

    I have used SONY MDR-Z600. Pad of the armband peels off because it used it for a long term. Ear Pads has been newly exchanged. It exchanged it for a short, straight cable though SONY MDR-Z600 was a curl code. (D.I.Y.)
  10. T.IIZUKA

    DENON AH-C700 pt.4 (Get to JVC Ear Pieces)

    I get to JVC "EP-FX4-B". Low repulsion Ear Pieces. It has not become familiar with the ear yet. The hand slips probably because of the coating. It seems to have to peel off the coating. It went according to the following procedure to install it in DENON AH-C700. JVC EP-FX4-B (581...
  11. T.IIZUKA

    DENON AH-C700 pt.3 (Cable Clip)

    The cable of AH-C700 generates the touch noise. The cable clip is installed as shown in the photograph put on pt2. The touch noise was fairly reduced by this. It is thought that Ear Pieces uses L size of SONY now. It has slept last night with the earphone put up. There was no what...
  12. T.IIZUKA

    DENON AH-C700 pt.2 (Replacement Earbuds)

    Some Replacement Earbuds was bought. It was the one that finished being satisfactory though Ear Pieces that SONY is new was used last night. 1.SONY Hybrid Replacement Earbuds (EP-EX10) this is an improved version of EP-EX1...
  13. T.IIZUKA

    DENON AH-C700 pt.1

    I also bought C700 and it began to use it. Beginning use started from the selection of an unpleasant chip. It thought and it installed it like being suitable of L size. It was not so though had thought that the bass was strong. The bass has come to go out gradually. It will keep...
  14. T.IIZUKA

    "MUSIC MAX LT1"?? review wanted

    Hi! The product of "MUSIC MAX LT1" was put on the market. Isn't there information though looked like the product of "Go-Vibe Petite" by this? The one except USB-DAC of Go-Vibe Petite? This product is sold by "audiophilechina". Please give information on the product named MUSIC MAX LT1...
  15. T.IIZUKA

    The first time

    Nice to meet you. It is not good at English though I am good at Japanese. It will contribute in the future. This photo is a tube amp(Tokyo-Sound Valve-X) and Cosmowave Hamp134.