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  1. Hiker

    Any watch experts out there?

    The other day, the minute hand became loose on my Wenger Battalion Dive Watch so I considered finding how much it would cost to be repaired. However, like I did with the hobby (headphones) I went overboard and researched all over the internet for info on watches. I even found a high-end watch...
  2. Hiker

    Anyone hear both the Energy C3 and PSB Image 2B?

    I have been thinking about setting up a modest speaker set up for some time now. After considering some much more expensive speakers as well as some cheapers ones, I've narrowed it down to these two. I heard both of these this past week. However, I haven't heard them at the same place. In...
  3. Hiker

    Hi-Fi in New Jersey

    To all of you Jersey Head-Fi-ers out there, where do you go shopping for your audio equipment. I have been to a few places such as Sound City in Denville, and Landes Audio in Chester. Are there any places here in NJ, especially in Northern or Central Jersey, that you would recommend I check out...
  4. Hiker

    What power strip do you use?

    I did a search a few minutes ago on this site regarding power strips. I need to get one in the next few days, and I was originally considering something along the lines of this or this. My main two purposes for getting a power strip are to gain more outlets and to use it as a surge protector. I...
  5. Hiker

    Roksan CD Players

    Ive done a search here and found that not many people have listened to Roksan CD players, in particular the Caspian. Is this a decent source or are there other sources in the range that easily outperform the Caspian? Or is it just a matter of preference? If anyone has auditioned a Caspian could...
  6. Hiker

    Any opinions on budget players?

    I have given up on my search for a good universal player . . . for now at least. Right now I and running short on money, but I still need to buy a good cd player. Right now I have two players in mind: the Cambridge Audio Azur 640c and the Nad 542. I know that both of these sources are quite new...
  7. Hiker

    All Ipod Users

    Thanks all. These can work for me.
  8. Hiker

    Best Classic Rock Album

    Im just interested to hear what you guys have to say. I would have to nomiate: Who's Next by The Who
  9. Hiker

    SACD vs. DVD-A

    I posted a message several weeks ago reguarding several different sources and I got several comprehensive answers. I thought I was going to get the Philips 963SA with SACD playback capabilities. I was actually pretty sure, but then I thought about DVD-As. Does either disc have a distinct...
  10. Hiker

    Paradigm Titan 2

    So what do you people think of the Paradigm Titan 2 bookshelf speakers? I can get a pair for cheap, but can't audition them right away. Thanks Hiker
  11. Hiker


    Please disreguard. Thanks
  12. Hiker

    Amp for either HD 600 or DT 880

    Hey I am interested in getting either the old favorite, HD 600, or the newer DT 880. However, I do not have a headphone amp and would like to know of what will work well for about $350 or LESS. I would like to spend as little as possible. However, if I must spend the full $350 to get the best...
  13. Hiker

    DT 880 or HD 600 with HA-1

    I've been looking around the forums for a few months now but have never yet posted. I have been both impressed and overwhelmed by the massive amount of knowledge floating around these boards. Anyway, I am looking to put together a decent home system. Right now I use ER-4Ps with my Ipod and with...