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  1. Seekky

    Help, DIY Cmoy problems, only right ear channel and LED not lighting.

    I got this kit from fred_fred_2004 i assume i soldered everything correcting, but im only having right ear channel, and the red LED is not lighting up. Please help.    
  2. Seekky

    【Happy Ending, replaced with EX1000】 EX600 replace with EX700LP, Accept or Not?

    Hi guys i need a advice real quick. Long story short, I sent out my broken EX600 to Sony replace center, but they said since EX600 is discontinued, so they are no longer able to replace my Ex600 with a new one. However, they offered me EX700LP. Is EX700 any good? I liked the Ex600. Thanks...
  3. Seekky

    looking for small, cheap, clean desktop DAC.

    Hi. Currently i have the Fiio E10 which is DAC/AMP. But i feel it colors my headphones a bit too much. I'm looking for a cleaner sound DAC thats cheap and small(good lookin =P) for desktop. Thanks.
  4. Seekky

    Need some advice with my EX600

    Hi everyone, i'm new to this forum and audiophile area, however i do play a little instruments :P   Recently i just bought a pair of Sony EX600.(My first IEM) Have spent about 60~80 hours burn-in and play time. But i feel the sound just not reaching my exceptions. (was using Sony XB40EX...