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  1. strogg

    random noises on 1212m

    #1 i'm getting random static on my computer audio, and it's most definitely coming from my sound card. basically, only some of the time for short periods of time, i would get a faint buzzing in the background, which then disappears back to nothing. so far, i found no pattern on why it would...
  2. strogg

    Noise problem from 1212m

    ok, now it's come to this as a summary the audio coming out of my speakers were scrumptious, as was the audio out of my headphones, but something new happened: i hear a ground loop noise from my speakers. I unplugged everything except the computer and speaker amp, and ground loop noise is...
  3. strogg

    Noise problem from 1212m

    FOR CLIFFS VERSION, LOOK AT POST #4 Ok... i'm going to say this now: i have NO idea where to post this. it has to do with, well, all sorts of stuff. this is the closest thing i can think of. anyway, i have a 1212m on my computer, which is incidentally hooked up to a comcast box (for aux...
  4. strogg

    PC speakers recommendations

    i put in another vote for the swans. those are basically the same thing as mine... well, almost. their woofer is a sidestep from mine, and my tweeter is superior, but the same company made all the drivers in my speakers and the swans. for the price, it's unbeatable. the quality is outstanding...
  5. strogg

    Post pics of your computer rigs here.

    (sorry for the bad pic... flash is not cooperating with me today) got 2 computers running. one is hidden (the mac) and the PC is in plain view. once guitarcenter gets stock, i'll have in my hands a 1212m as a somewhat dedicated dac. mac mini 1.25ghz g4 1gb ram 4x dvd+/-rw amd athlon...
  6. strogg

    EMU1212M quick question

    you'll want 1/4"(M)->RCA(F) adapters. two of them. then you can then use rca cables to an amp or a stereo RCA(M)->1/8"minijack(M) to the speakers or amp. if you really need, you can also buy a stereo minijack(F-F) coupler. oh, and if you don't get it, M=male, F=female. you can find these at your...
  7. strogg

    so someone i sold my headphones to just showed up at my house..?

    ooooook... after reading ALL that (whew), i have these things to say: both parties are guilty. the buyer was guilty of being what i would call a "dick". shows up unannounced, and does it in a very odd fashion. the seller didn't ship it on the promised day. in fact, he KEPT it for 5 days. in...
  8. strogg

    Hail fallin' in San Francisco

    same with davis, but not nearly as bad. it hailed a bit this morning, got a bit of sun in the afternoon, and now it's only going to get really bad. i hope this goes away soon, but then, i'm also not looking forward to the summer heat
  9. strogg

    AIM conversation with non head-fier

    hehe... kinda like me: me: yay! my headphones came!!! <anyone on my buddy list>: another one???!!!! <anyone on my buddy list>: so HOW many headphones have you gone through now??????!!!!!! me: uh... i lost count. hold on a sec... (dead silence for about 2 minutes) me: 7 in the past...
  10. strogg

    I started new drug with the CRAZIEST side effect, unbelieveable

    here's one: WARNING: Taking Placebo may raise your risk of diabetes. Talk to your doctor first before taking Placebo.
  11. strogg

    Your favorite movie scores

    hands down it's gotta be Backdraft (Hans Zimmer) for me. it's just plain wonderful. his past stuff is awesome up to around Gladiator. it just sucks that after that it's been either pretty good or really bad. at least The Last Samurai's on the good list
  12. strogg

    who spent less than 20 bucks after joining head-fi and why?????

    if i all of a sudden make a new screen name and start posting, would that count as spending less than $20 after joining? I'm not sure what the total running tally is for me at all, especially since i've sold a lot of things and have made some modifications to my equipment. for example, i...
  13. strogg

    San Francisco Bay Area - February 25, 2006

    Quote: Originally Posted by Edwood [img] Who made this? Such a neat little package. -Ed i believe it was rjkdivin who made that. that thing is the peter daniels dac i mentioned earlier. i plugged it into my rotel and a/bed the sucker through the millet and the k701's. it...
  14. strogg

    San Francisco Bay Area Meet?

    Quote: Originally Posted by neilvg You know what's sad? My car got broken into in San Francisco a few weeks ago, and they stole 3 binders full of CD's. It was a disaster. I'm still recovering. (almost 250 cd's lost) i feel your pain. i myself lost a whole bunch of cd's. it's not...
  15. strogg

    San Francisco Bay Area Meet?

    i wouldn't call him a sissy, though. he was the one who walked around downtown san mateo with the k1000's strapped to his head, remember? on another note, how are we doing on food at the house? can someone bring a lot of nachos or something? i got my hands on an unused bag of taco bell nacho...
  16. strogg

    San Francisco Bay Area Meet?

    Quote: Originally Posted by neilvg Hey everyone, I know that the 'official' meet start time is 1pm. While everyone is welcome throughout the day, I am opening up the house from 9am. Morsel has informed me that meet's in the bay area have historically started at 10am with setup at 9am...
  17. strogg

    Build of bose speaker drivers...

    Quote: Originally Posted by allenf This should tell you all you need to know: mmm... that's good. thanks
  18. strogg

    San Francisco Bay Area Meet?

    at this rate, he'll have an HE90 by post 10 hehe, thanks again for having us over, neil. it's much appreciated. so i finally got my k701's and put nearly 100 hours on it. i decided to make a fashion statement at school and put a devilishly white starquad cable on it. it's nice since the...
  19. strogg

    Safe listening level

    well, you could be super obsessive about it like i am and get an SPL meter from your local radio shack. otherwise, you can do a simple trick to keep at safe listening levels (assuming your environment is relatively quiet). turn your cans/speakers all the way down. then turn them up until you can...
  20. strogg

    Build of bose speaker drivers...

    thanks so far yeah, i figured it is made of treated paper. consdering that the cheap-esque single driver tang band speakers i have are treated paper as are the much better hi-vi's sitting right in front of me. ironically, my subwoofer has an aluminum cone. diy'ed, the sub only cost me $250 in...
  21. strogg

    Build of bose speaker drivers...

    OK, without turning this into an "i-hate-bose" thread or a flaming thread, i ONLY want this question answered: what materials (and qualities of) are the bose drivers made of, mainly those for the 901's or the acoustimass series. bose doesn't publish the info, and for some reason, i can't...
  22. strogg

    What are some of the actions from other drivers that bother you

    these are all the general things... (yeah, i got some weird driving quirks) people who don't use blinkers. i don't care if they cut me off. as long as they use blinkers first i'm all rgiht. people on the left lane of a highway who go 65-70 on a 65 zone. people who go slower than speed...
  23. strogg

    San Francisco Bay Area Meet?

    don't forget quiet. i remember last time at the san mateo location, we didn't exactly put silence in the equation, so all the discussions and listening ended up occurring in the same room. and by the way, my decision is final, so the questionmark on my name should be deleted.
  24. strogg

    San Francisco Bay Area Meet?

    mark me down for either saturday, preferably in saratoga, although san mateo works too. i'll be bringing the following: the rotel, *possibly* the ety's, *possibly* the k701 if headroom finally ships them, and my piece of deodorant. i'll also bring my camera to take plenty of good...