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  1. Yodapup

    Need to buy new headphones...

    I need to buy some new headphones...i dont knowwhat to get. I have around $60-$ about my limit..can anyone recommend any good ones? I will mostly be using for running and going to the gym. So about anything that stays on. I am useing the stocks one that i got with my player and now i keep...
  2. Yodapup

    iAudio X5 @ ebay: a scam?

    Yea i saw that too, he sell like a lot of them, dont trust that, most of the buyers have very low feedback, and look at the feedback it is a bit funny.
  3. Yodapup

    Getting a new player.

    Ok, as it think i am going to go with the X5 it seem like it with of the top 20Gb players out there and i cannot go wrong with buying it. Is there anything more i should/or you can tell me about it?
  4. Yodapup

    Getting a new player.

    I am leaning towards the x5 more now. Can anyone tell me more about this? I hear like browser music is tuff? What is it like? Are there any donwside to this player?
  5. Yodapup

    Getting a new player.

    Quote: Originally Posted by Jam_Master_J I don't think any of the big capacity HD players are jog-proof. I think I heard the iPod mini was, but it has low capacity. I'm surprised you're friend can jog with the Karma, I never could. yep he said he has had no problem with it and...
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