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  1. Hibuckhobby

    Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

    The wa5le is a true end game piece.
  2. Hibuckhobby

    AmpsandSound Leeloo amp review

    I met Justin Weber at the mini-con meet in Arizona in early February of this year. I was there on vacation for a week or so and just dropped in to see if there was anything there I hadn’t yet heard. I had no intention all of making a purchase, since I retired four years ago and am in the...
  3. Hibuckhobby

    ['Mini-Con'!] Arizona Head-Fi Meet: February 10th, 2018 Impressions

    I only had a chance to stay a short time, but may have the long distance award (minnesota). Great to meet a few of you..Coolzo, nice to put a face with the handle. Great time with the Stax And getting to know Justin from AmpsandSound. Jumping on the Leeloo train. Great meet! Hibuckhobby
  4. Hibuckhobby

    Reply to review by 'Hibuckhobby' on item 'Cayin iDAP-6'

    Good review! Articulate, clear and well thought out.
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    Boxed up
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  7. Headphones


  8. Hibuckhobby

    Arizona Head-Fi MiniCon: February 10th, 2018

    Awesome! I will be in Phoenix from Minnesota on that date! Have to break away from family...but will make EVERY effort to be there. Hibuck...
  9. Hibuckhobby

    Sennheiser HD 700 Impressions Thread

    Not a gamer....sorry.  It would stand to reasons that differences heard on music would also be audible on soundtracks for games as long as they are well done. regards, Hibuck...
  10. Hibuckhobby

    anyone compared the decwarwe zen csp2+ to the bottlehead crack

    Old thread...but, your bet is safe. He Crack is a very nice amp. Fun and winsome The CSP2+ will show it the way home every time. Regards, Hibuck...
  11. Hibuckhobby

    Sennheiser HD 700 Impressions Thread

    I own both. Clearly a family resemblance with 700 being a bit warmer and more midbass. Soundstage and comfort is good on both...just better on 800. 700 works a bit better on good SSamps, both are amazing on my Decware CSP-2+. Regards, Hibuck...
  12. Hibuckhobby

    Sennheiser HD 700 Impressions Thread

    Just bought a set of hd-800's. That will make 3 Senns (650, 700 and 800) a pair of LCD-2's and a pair of Nighthawks. Regards, Hibuck....
  13. Hibuckhobby

    GUSTARD H10 High-current Discrete Class A output Stage Headphone Amplifier

    Demonstrating once again that tastes, preferences and perceptions differ.  I have an second one I might add and I've owned an Asgard and two iterations of the Lyr that I did a fair share of tube rolling in.  I strongly prefer the H-10 to any of the other 3.  Actually, the amp I have...
  14. Hibuckhobby

    GUSTARD H10 High-current Discrete Class A output Stage Headphone Amplifier

    Hmmm. I have a Soloist SL and a H10. With same source on my AQ Nighthawks, The sound is warmer and fuller on the Gustard. Hibuck...
  15. Hibuckhobby

    Crack;Bottlehead OTL

    As they age tube "can" get noisy, lose gain, change sonic signature and/or short internally. If the latter occurs, associated parts can fail as well.
  16. Hibuckhobby

    Crack;Bottlehead OTL

    Whenever the amp is on, it is putting hours on the tube(s). A tube with about 5000 hour lifespane will last less than a year if left on. YMMV, Hibuck...
  17. Hibuckhobby

    HD700 cables and amplification

    I recently purchased a used Decware CSP2+ preamp/headphone amp and also bought some cable terminations for the headphone end on my HD700's from Norne.   While the CSP2+ with a nice 5Y3wgt rectifier sounded really nice (better than my Crack that I had been using with some pretty expensive...
  18. Hibuckhobby

    KOSS ESP-950 Thread

    I guess I am fortunate.  I've never had my 950's squeal or make any other untoward noises.  They don't fit tightly, but by the same time, I'm usually seated when wearing them, so they have never fallen off either.  When I first got them, I was disappointed.  I was used to Senn 650's with amp...
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  20. Hibuckhobby

    Decware Appreciation Thread (MT review up on first page 2-10-12)

    Thanks for tips!  I've been rolling some 12AT7's in and tried a Valve Art 274b. The 5U4 that was in it is a better mix to my ears.  The VA was very neutral, but a bit light in the bass/midbass.  Been thinking about trying some El84's, but wondering how much I'd miss the "hazengrid" if I took...
  21. Hibuckhobby

    Decware Appreciation Thread (MT review up on first page 2-10-12)

    I think the consensus was that the Taboo II put out about 2.3w into 50 ohms.  That may be right on the edge for a HE-6, but the type of music and volume at which you listen is going to be a deciding factor.  I'm running HE-500's with mine and power is not an issue. I may get a 12AT7 or 5751...
  22. Hibuckhobby

    Decware Appreciation Thread (MT review up on first page 2-10-12)

    Old thread, I know, but being an owner of a "new to me" Taboo II I have enjoyed reading this a great deal. Listening to Holly Cole right now with HE500's and loving it.   At times I don't think it is as transparent as some of the amps I've had, but then I notice how the music engages me and I...
  23. Hibuckhobby

    Sennheiser HD 700 Impressions Thread

    I'm on my second pair of HD700's and am waiting to get back home (working out of town) to roll some tubes on my Bottlehead Crack with it.  My first one sounded great with a Woo WA2 and NOS RCA power tubes. One of the most comfortable cans I've owned, right up there with the Beyer 880's and...
  24. Hibuckhobby

    New amp on the way gave way to a H10 and Lyr showdown

    I just took the plunge and bought a Decware Taboo that should be here next week. The pending new kid on the block made me think about who might have to go down the road, so I pulled out the HE500's with canare cabling and hooked my Boulder Audio modded Squeezebox Touch directly to the amps...
  25. Hibuckhobby

    Gustard Amplifiers and DACs

    At the end of the day, this whole discussion is rather pointless.  First of all, the opinions of those who a part of the Gustard thread likely reflects very little about whether or not the product will succeed in the world marketplace.  The idea that one likes or does not like a name borders on...