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  1. mmamanx

    Ultimate Ears 700, thoughts?

    I can get for $100.
  2. mmamanx

    For so much hype the RE0's get on here, they are VERY cheap quality...

    I first got my RE0's last winter and the audio quality was great! No problems until about mid year when one of the speakers detached, I contacted Head Direct and they tried to give me the run around, finally got them to replace them, took literally about a month to get them back (I also live in...
  3. mmamanx

    Last nov I came to you guys for my IEM's and.....

    You guys showed me the re0's, couldnt be more happier. Now I come to you guys for my first amp! I use an iPhone 4 if it matters, an amp basiclly makes everything sound better correct? If you guys could reccomened a good. Cheap one to start off with I'd appreciate it! Thanks.
  4. mmamanx

    wow! lol now I realize that the RE0's ARE that good....

    So I have had the RE0's since last Nov, I like them a lot but I never thought they were AMAZING like so many say on here, I figured it was just an audiophile thing. So yea fastforward to today, I recived these:  ...
  5. mmamanx

    My RE0's Broke. Need a new pair of in ears, on a budget though.

    This may be a stretch but I might have to have a limit of $50.....   Whats the best I can get right now? Please reccomend as I cant live without headphones! lol   Anyone try those Zagg Smartbuds? Tommorow is 50% off so I dunno.
  6. mmamanx

    Just got my Pair of RE0's.....not blown away to be honest.....

    So first off I am NOT an audiophile, I just found this about a month ago and after a lot of research I decided my best bet was the RE0's, for a long time Ive been using the Zune V2 Headphones and they have always done the job, so yesterday I got the RE0's and was very anxious to use them, I...
  7. mmamanx

    Would you say that the RE-Zero's are Much better then the RE0's?

    Im pretty much decided on the RE0's for $80, but the REZeros are $100, should I spend the extra 20? or are the RE0's Fine?
  8. mmamanx

    $80-$110, please give me a recommendation!

    Ive got the Monster Turbines in mind but do you guys have any recommendations in that price range? In-Ears only, thanks.
  9. mmamanx

    Monster Turbine VS Pro Gold VS Copper

    Im thinking of buying the Turbines for $100 on amazon, are the Pro's THAT much better and what is difference between gold and copper?   Anyone have any experience with the regular turbines?
  10. mmamanx

    Not really familiar with Headphones, need help deciding.

    Hello everyone! I have gone through many headphones and the ones that are the hands down best for me have been the Zune Premium V2 Headphones, the Bass is good, Sound is loud and overall just very good (imo), I want to get something better but at least in the Affordable range, not $200+ for me...