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  1. RecklessFable

    Surface Pro 3 Solutions?

    I've already checked MS forums and it seems like I will just have to live with the fact that the headphone jack on my SP3 Pro outputs thumping and/or static when I'm between YouTube videos or even just listening to music.   So what I'm looking for a solution that lets me get around that, but I...
  2. RecklessFable

    Anyone try the Motoactv?

    I've tried search and am surprised there are zero threads with the word "Motoactv".  I was hoping to hear about the SQ delivered since every review speaks to all the other functions.
  3. RecklessFable

    Help with a turntable purchase (Amazon is confusing me with this Turntable entry)

      They have two different listings for what appears to be the same turntable.  Two questions: 1) Are they the same? 2) Is this a good one to get at the ~$200 pricepoint?   I'm buying this for the in-laws to use on old Vinyl.  Sadly, they aren't anything-philes, but I can't bring myself...
  4. RecklessFable

    MEE M6 for $12.99

    NewEgg will have a Shell Shocker deal today on the M6:   Available from 1:00PM - 2:59PM PT (Note the timezone!) 4/18/11   MEElectronics M6P-BK Noise-Isolating 3.5mm Sports Headset w/ Control Talk (Black) $12.99   M6's for the price of Ink'd Buds?  Worth it even if you don't have an...
  5. RecklessFable

    Detachable Cables?

    So, I've been mulling over blowing my budget past the usual $150 and getting something either in the $250 range, maybe even higher, like a Westone 3.   What bothers me is that some of the phones in this range offer detachable cables and some do not.  How important is this feature to you...