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  1. j1992

    Upgrade from Sony ZX1?

    I am looking at getting a new DAP up to a maximum of £300. Currently have a Sony ZX1. Looking for good battery life and storage in addition to sound. Any suggestions?
  2. j1992

    Looking for new earphones

    Looking to get some new earphones, if they are worth upgrading from my current set. I currently have the Havi B3 I earphones and listen to folk/rock music mainly. I've been looking at the Westone W20 and Westone W40. Are these good upgrades from the Havi B3? Any other recommendations?
  3. j1992

    Amplifier Hiss Problem

    I recently bought a Topping TP30 MKII amplifier, however, there is a constant hiss on the left channel and it is very loud. I've tried different sources and moving the amp to different rooms, but the loud hissing is still present. Anyone know what is wrong?
  4. j1992

    Genuine or not?

    Check these Shure SRH840 on The price is low, perhaps a mistake. Do you think they're genuine.  ...
  5. j1992

    Shure SRH840 fakes?

    I was wondering whether there are any fake Shure SRH840's around. I have seen a pair of brand new ones at a very low price from a genuine website and am tempted to get it. Is there any way of spotting fakes?