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  1. highfell

    Review by 'highfell' on item 'Chord Electronics Hugo 2'

    I listened to Hugo2 as part of the U.K. Tour for ten days. Subsequently, I decided to buy one and so this review is as a result of listening for around two months now. @Relic has produced the definitive review, so mine won't focus on the machine's specs. Design The new interface with the...
  2. highfell

    Review by 'highfell' on item 'IFI SPDIF iPurifier'

    What does the SPDIF iPurifier do ?     The goal of the SPDIF iPurifier is to clean up the jitter & electrical noise in digital input so that the DAC will more accurately convert it to the music output that you listen to. So what does it actually do ?     It re-clocks the digital audio...
  3. highfell

    Reply to review by 'highfell' on item 'Chord Electronics Mojo'

    Great review. Thanks for spending the time to provide the background to FPGAs. Mojo is a game changer and worth every penny.
  4. highfell

    Reply to review by 'highfell' on item 'Chord Hugo TT'

    Thanks both, very kind. I wanted to comment on what I feel the key features of the TT are meant to be. As the other reviewers will appreciate these reviews certainly take a fair while to compile & write !!
  5. highfell

    Review by 'highfell' on item 'Chord Hugo TT'

    Introduction   Whilst I have always loved listening to music, it was only after I deciding to purchase a Valve Amplifier three years ago that I began my current obsession in listening to music through better & better equipment.   At home I tend to listen through my stereo system through...