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  1. heymaceo

    Vocative Audio for Lite Audio DACs?

    Has anybody purchased one of the Lite Audio (or other brand) DACs from Vocative Audio for shipment to the US. The prices seem good but I've never heard anyone here discuss them. thanks.
  2. heymaceo

    HP1 drivers in an RS-1 like enclosure? mixing grado driver / enclosures

    Reading through a post here about how someone put PS-1 drivers in an HHF-1 enclosure has got me thinking about mixing and matching Grado drivers and enclosures. So I'm wondering about the following: I think I saw somewhere that someone here has an RS-1 enclosure with HP-1000 drivers in it...
  3. heymaceo

    75 Ohm SPDIF cable with mini connector? (for MicroDAC)

    Hi- I have a Headroom MicroDAC whihc is being fed by a SqueezeBox 3. I'd like to use the Coax connector on the MicroDAC rather than the optical toslink. I'd like to do this with a 75 ohm cable with 75 ohm connectors. This isn't a problem on the RCA end (which is what the SqueezeBox has) but I...
  4. heymaceo

    Length of ATH-L3000 warranty

    How long is the ATH-L3000 warranty valid? Thanks
  5. heymaceo

    DIY Cable (Senn) repair request

    Hope this request is in the right place... Six months ago I purchased a Sennheiser replacement cable made out of Mogami Neglex from another headfier who made it. The right channel was a little flaky but nothing that couldn't be fixed by twisting the cable in a certain place. Unfortunately...
  6. heymaceo

    Implementing Power Conditioning with Computer as Source

    Hi- I have scoured the posts on Power Conditioning to understand how best to implement my following system. Can't find an answer in the search but maybe you all could help. I recently purchased an Oneac 1107. My system consists of Senn HD 600 hooked up to either a PPX3-6SN7 or a Pimeta...