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    Sony Ericsson HPM-78 Review

    This came with the Sony Ericsson bluetooth MW600 headset which I purchased recently. The HPM-78 headset which came with it was surprisingly decent, so I decided to do a small review on it. I've been listening it to 3 days now plugged into my Samsung Galaxy S.     Build: The wires are...
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    Is the RE0 better than the RE2?

    i have the re2 and love its sound. but i would like a bit more sparkly high end and maybe a tad more bass. will the re0 satisfy my needs?
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    Another one from the Hippo family: Pearl

    the Hippo Pearl. got it for SGD$40 from Jaben. so how different is this from the VB, Shroom, and Boom? read on to find out! Packaging: it comes in similar packaging as with the Shroom, transparent plastic box. it comes with a velvet drawstring pouch and 3 pairs of small, medium and...
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    Hippo Shroom Canal Phones

    these cost SGD $68 from jaben. the body is metal and resembles the crossroads quattros without the changeable plates. have listened to it for around 10 hours. initial impressions so far it is very smooth sounding, no hint of sibilance at all, quite impressive for a tiny dynamic driver...
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    Creative EP-635

    nothing fanciful. white with a neck cord, presumably to hang a small mp3 player around your neck. should have the same sound as ep-630.
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    Got myself a pair of cheap and decent sounding headphone

    got myself a pair of cheap closed-back headphones. the damage was usd30. the brand and model is Wecan F340. i think its a taiwan brand. i don't have much experience in headphones, cos i mainly listen to iems, with the koss portapros as my only other headphone. the build is ok, if a bit...
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    just walked into a shop selling this brand of mp3 players. they look kind of nice and funky. there is a shuffle-ish player. and a player that has SD card expansion. this one is small in size. did...
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    Kenwood- going high end

    first it was the digital amp, now they use the er6 as oem for their canalphones.
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    Creative ep-630/Sharp MD33 + 5G iPod = WOW!

    the creative/sharp canalphones, when paired with the 5G ipod, sounds amazing. i leave the EQ at flat and the bass was abundant, highs were crisp and midrange sounds real. excellent synergy and combo.
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    a 5G 60gb black ipod. initial impressions: this thing is quite big and heavy compared to the hd5 and samsung j70. the glossy black front and silver back are a magnet for fingerprints and scratches. the screen is bright and nice. sound quality from headphone out to er6i is pretty good...
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    DRM infatuation - Sony does it again
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    Apple drops Samsung well, looks like samsung just killed themselves with their questionable memory selling moves. they are also currently being investigated by the korean trade agency for the low price deal with apple for the nano. on a brighter side, that...
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    Ety Er6(i) new packaging?

    i got myself the er6 today. i also saw the er6i on display. apparently, the packaging for both of them has been changed from the cute little box to a big flat plastic casing that is about 3/4 the size of A4. wouldn't this make shipping more costly and difficult?
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    Creative wins patent

    not sure if it has been mentioned here. apple still has a pending case from microsoft and now creative has won its patent suit. looks like the next time you buy an ipod, some of it will go towards creative and possibly microsoft. that is unless apple totally revamp the ipod's design...
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    New Philips Canalphones

    the philips HE-9500. the design looks similar to the sony ex-series, sharp md33, creative ep-630, pansonic hje-50, ath ck5 and jvc ha-fx55.
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    The attenuator that comes with the e4c

    does it have any other functions such as higher/lower impedance other than controlling volume? it seems a tad too big for controlling volume only.
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    er6i vs er6 vs e4c

    i currently have the er6i. i used to have the er6 but the cord broke. do they er6i and er6 sound similar? would it be worthy for me to buy the shure e4c? it will be used with a sony hd5 and i listen mainly to rock and some classical stuff. i like details and good bass.
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    Apple In-Ear headphones

    these are the canalphones by apple. i've searched through the forum and general comments are they fall off easily due to the design of the sleeves and they sound great only with certain genre of music. i have some questions. are the mids good? also, what is the length of the cable? thanks.
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    HD5: silver, black or red?

    i saw the red one and it looks incredibly sexy. the thing that is holding me back are the buttons that is reputed to crack easily. but i'm in asia, so i guess it won't affect the units. i like the built-in charger and usb ports, which was one of the main peeves i had with the hd3.
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    Creative's new Zen series

    Following closely in the Neeon's footsteps, Creative has introduced another new Zen . . . . . . . . . . . . Introducing the new Zen Biike from Creative. Be sure to choose a matching Zen Neeon to go along with your new Biike.
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    New Audio Techica canalphones?

    ok, not exactly. since audio technica likes to oem their earbuds from Cresyn, i thought this will most likely be their entry into the canalphone market.
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    Creative's MD33! 1.2m. seems like it is one piece of cable instead of having an extension cable like the sharp md33. looks like creative beat sennheiser in releasing the rebranded md33. i will definitely get my hands on these if they come in a 1 piece cable.
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    Got a Sony MZ-RH910 Minidisc Recorder

    as usual, great versatility with the minidisc format. works rightaway with the sonicstage 3.0 i had installed with my hd3. sound quality is excellent. clear and balanced. the 6 band eq is great. using the er6i, it sounds better than the hd3.
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    Sony NW-HD3 Network Walkman Review (Long + Pictures!)

    I have been using this unit for the past 2 weeks plus and after exploring it enough, I feel it is time to do an extensive and hopefully more factual review of the Sony HD3 Network Walkman. Packaging The HD3 come in a plain looking box. The color of the unit printed on the box (silver...
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    MiniDisc unit with camera

    so finally someone found the reason why color screens are needed on music players.