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  1. Sovelin

    Any difference between front and rear audio with the Asus Essence STX?

    I recently ordered the Essence STX and am still waiting for it to come in. I'm going to use it to power my DT770 (which I've had for 2 years now, and I'm excited to finally hear what they are fully capable of). My question is, if I install the sound card and use it to power my front audio ports...
  2. Sovelin

    Will I notice a difference with a dedicated sound card?

    I'm building a new gaming computer and am getting this mobo:   I have a pair of DT770 Pro 80ohms I use for gaming/music/movies. Will buying a dedicated sound card make any difference in sound quality on these headphones (they...
  3. Sovelin

    Looking for IEM's between $100-150 on Amazon for gym/library

    Currently I have the DT770, which I love, but they lack the portability I'm looking for. Also, it's kind of hard to work out with them on :) I'm looking for some decent IEM's that I can wear while going for a short jog, but I'll mostly be using them when I'm studying (sometimes in fairly noisy...
  4. Sovelin

    Alternative to my DT770's

    I'm in med school, and I currently have the Beyer DT770 Pro with gel pads and I love them. I use them to listen to classical music in the library. Though they may not be the best for classical music, they block out noise phenominally, and better than any open-back headphones or the denon 1001k...
  5. Sovelin

    Ripping audio from DVD

    I recently purchased the Killers live album. It includes a cd with their live recordings, and a DVD of them in concert. I want to rip the music from the DVD to Apple Lossless. Is this possible?
  6. Sovelin

    Do you sleep with your headphones?

    I used to listen to my iPod to go to sleep, and after a couple weeks my iBuds would stop working. Does anyone here sleep with their headphones on, and has it ever resulted in damaging the headphones? I would love to fall asleep while listening to my DT770.
  7. Sovelin

    How do you tell if a cd is actually cd quality?

    I recently purchased the deluxe version of Kid Cudi's Man on the Moon. The deluxe edition had an issue and most copies are missing the bonus tracks. When I called the distributor, they said that they could either give me a code so I could download the songs online, or they could send me a cd...
  8. Sovelin

    Gel Earpads for the DT770

    beyerdynamic MANUFAKTUR*-*Gel Ear Seals, black, 1 pair Anybody try these? And are these the ones that fit the 770? I've heard they increase isolation, which is a huge plus. Also, how do the 770's look with these over the velour? Do the clear ones look nice, or do the black ones look better?
  9. Sovelin

    No analog input on the new Zero?

    I was looking at the new Zero DAC/Amp (Tianyun). I will be using it with my laptop and XBox, but I would also like to be able to use it with my iPod from time to time. It does not have any analog inputs, so I was wondering how I could use my iPod with an LOD.
  10. Sovelin

    Hippocase like solution for iPod Classic and iBasso?

    I saw on Uncle Wilson's site there is a case that can hold the iPod touch and an amp like the iBasso D2+. I was wondering if there was something like that for the iPod classic, and if it was available in a cheaper option (instead of $90). I was thinking of doing either that, or just using...
  11. Sovelin

    Any Good Portable Amp/DAC combos under $200?

    I just ordered the DT770 Pro 80 ohm, and am looking for an affordable, portable Amp/DAC. It'll probably be about a month before I have the money to buy one, but I'm planning on using it with an iPod Classic with LOD, my MacBook, and XBox 360. It'll prob mostly be used with my iPod. Anyone have...
  12. Sovelin

    My new headphones and my 360

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I recently ordered the Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80 ohm. I have my XBox 360 connected to my TV with an HDMI cable (not the Microsoft one). Without a receiver, what is the best way to hook up my headphones so I can use them with the XBox? The...
  13. Sovelin

    iBasso D2+ Boa for DT770

    I am considering getting a portable amp for the DT770 pro 80ohm. Has anyone paired it with the iBasso D2+? How well did the two work together? My source will be either my MacBook Pro, or an iPod Classic 120gig with LOD. Will I notice a significant difference in SQ with this amp (for the...
  14. Sovelin

    Cheap DT770 cases?

    Are there any cheap cases to house the DT770 Pro? If so, where can I purchase one?
  15. Sovelin

    DT770 with 2009 Zero amp/dac (Maybe Others)

    I am considering an amp to run a DT770. I've read a few reviews here about the Zero amp, but was wondering if anyone had paired it up with the DT770, and how well the two worked together. My source will be either my MacBook Pro, or an iPod Classic 120gig. Will I notice a significant difference...
  16. Sovelin

    New DT770's at $150?

    I noticed in the headphone buyer's guide that the DT770's are listed at $150. Does anyone know where I can find them (new) at that price? Everyone online I look they are $269. I find them for cheaper on eBay (by sounddesignaudio), but he is not an authorized reseller. Does anyone who has...
  17. Sovelin

    Do fake AKG K271 MKII exist?

    I am about to purchase the AKG K271 MKII headphones off of eBay (I know it's usually a bad idea). One of the sellers is an authorized retailer, so I'm sure those aren't fake. It would cost me a total of $160. Though going into med school, saving any money would be nice. Another seller is...