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  1. fozi

    AKG K702 Headband Painful?

    It seems that AKG has put a flat headband without any bumps to the newer "version" of K702.   As you know, K702 65th Anniversary version and 712 Pro already have completely flat headbands, but they seem to be narrower than on the basic/new K702.  ...
  2. fozi

    Creek OBH-21 vs. Corda Headfive (HD 650)

    What about Pro-ject Headbox Mk II? It costs 139€ as new. I would figure though, that Creek (costing 270€ as new) would be a better investment. And it has two jacks which might be a plus in the future use.
  3. fozi

    Creek OBH-21 vs. Corda Headfive (HD 650)

    Hi there, I should be receiving a second hand pair of HD 650 tomorrow (exchanged for my A-T A900) and surely I would like to get "better kick" out of them than my AV-reciever's or CD-player's headphone jack can offer. Being a Second-Hand-Believer (only my speakercables has been bought as...
  4. fozi

    Which one for DJ use/hiphop music - Sony MDR-V500DJ or AKG K 518 DJ?

    Quote: Originally Posted by larryminator Get the K81DJ. Same thing as K518DJ but I prefer the color Well I prefer the looks of K 518 . Besides the K 81 is little bit hard to find anymore.
  5. fozi

    Which one for DJ use/hiphop music - Sony MDR-V500DJ or AKG K 518 DJ?

    Quote: Originally Posted by *645-k701 Im in helsinki. I would be more than happy to let you have a session with my k81,s pritty sure after you have a listen you will buy these. I gave the v500dj's a listening to, not my cup of tea. just lacking in all parts. theres noway they are...
  6. fozi

    DT880 2003 vs. 2005?

    Hi again, Maza So the poor 595's have to find a new home, again? How sad But to your actual issue. I have been interested about the very same question and with the Search I've found pretty good answeres. I have listened them both but not at the same time nor the same equipment. So...
  7. fozi

    BeyerDynamic owners unite...

    This is offtopic but is it just me or has Headroom lowered the value rating of DT 990's from 4.5 to 4 and raised DT 770's from 4 (or 4.5?) up to 5? As I recall DT 880's were only "five star"-beyers there before. And it seems like it happened today! Just wondering...
  8. fozi

    * beyerdynamic's ear-killing highs *

    Hi there, I've listened to the DT 331's, 531's, 931's, 770/80 Pro's, the '05 770's and the '05 990's, and the result has always been the same: after a short while of listening my ears begin to suffer and tire because of the too spiky highs. This annoying character has NOT appeared either...
  9. fozi

    what's the best deal u ever had

    Well, to be honest, it wasn't exactly a deal because I couldn't afford it at that moment, but at one local hifistore I was made an excelent OFFER: used (about 6 month old or so) HD 650 for only 150€ (about 190$)! Ok, so it would been an excelent deal, but again, to be honest, I´ve never liked...
  10. fozi

    Philips SBC-HP1000?

    MaZa, I've seen the HP1000 been sold at some Prisma markets, like in Turku for 99.95€, also at Gigantti in Vaasa for 129€ or something, and at Anttila and Prisma in Vaasa for 99.95€ (but for what I remember they're sold out at the two last markets.). BUT the HP1500 is still on the market...
  11. fozi

    DT880: -03 with Cardas vs. -06 with stock

    01:51 AM - 02:09 PM = 20 min? Okay, okay, so you missed the AM..
  12. fozi

    DT880: -03 with Cardas vs. -06 with stock

    Anybody out there?
  13. fozi

    DT880: -03 with Cardas vs. -06 with stock

    Hi there, I have tried the -03 with stock cable as well the new -06. There was some time between those two try-outs, but mainly it seemed that there was quite small differences, if anything at all. Maybe the lower-end was a bit stronger with -06. But with Cardas The Cable I have no experience...
  14. fozi

    Dt880 32 ohm???

    Well I havent' heard the 30 ohm version myself, but Jan Meier thinks that: "Differences in sound to the high-impedance version of the DT880 are very small indeed. This is a first choice if a portable player is used without additional amplification." --->...
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