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  1. yugas

    Review: CablePro Freedom Upgrade Cable for Hifiman headphones

    CablePro Freedom upgrade cable     Hifiman HE series incorporates interchangeable cables, which opens a wide market for custom cables, as the Sennheiser HD650/HD600 series.   The HE-400 Hifiman model doesn´t come with a bad stock cable, in fact it is a good quality Canare. However...
  2. yugas

    Review: Rein Audio X-Phone headphone amplifier

    REIN AUDIO X-PHONE             The new X-Phone shares many of the features of the X3-DAC in finishes and construction as I pointed at the start is the first incursion into the world Rein Audio amplifiers for headphones.   Feels just solid and well built, giving the feeling...
  3. yugas

    Review: CablePro Reflection power cable

    REFLECTION POWER CABLE   The importance of the power cable:   Many times we overlook the the power cables quality, and after this experience with the "Reflection" power cable from CablePro, I have discovered the benefits that it can provide to the sound.  ...
  4. yugas

    What about Fostex TH-7 Studio Headphones?

    This one is the new series of fostex headphones, someone has some reference of them?   Thanks.