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  1. Bengkia369

    Anyone here feels that Fitear Air 2 is inferior compared to MH334?

    I had a chance to listen to both, I find that Air 2 lack of MH334 extended highs and lows, everything sounds so congested compared to MH334.
  2. Bengkia369

    Astell & Kern SR15 vs AK240?!

    i still feel AK240 is better sounding, any views?!
  3. Bengkia369

    Platlab Phantasy tube Amp upgrade!

    official upgrade from manufacturer!
  4. Bengkia369

    DAP pro, pls help! To keep Astell & Kern AK240 or Opus #2?

    Just wanna scale down my DAP as I already got quite a number of other DAC (1 X Mojo, 1 X Mojo-Poly, 1 X Hugo) along with other portable amps (Phatlab Phantasy, Cypher Labs Trio, Headamp Pico). Which DAP should I keep and why?! Thanks!
  5. Bengkia369

    Ipod with Red Wine mod will sounds better than any modern DAP?

    Say like AK240, Ak380, Opus #2, Ibasso DX200 etc?!
  6. Bengkia369

    Inear SD-2 vs Elymotic ER4xr which do u guys preferred?!

    both are king of neutrality , the analytical flat sound, which of them do u guys dope?
  7. Bengkia369

    Fitear TG!334 with Spinfit CP100 tips sounds really horrible!

    the bass seems like gone, also sounds flat and boring! Totally can't work out on Fitear. Using my Audio Technica CK100pro with Spinfits really good, love the sound. Does anyone here also find Fitear with Spinfit tips is a no no?!
  8. Bengkia369

    Astell & Kern AK70 MKII with dual DAC

    saw on their official FB, I wonder how this budget DAP in the AK lineup sounds like?! Honestly, I'm not a big fan of AK70 sound.
  9. Bengkia369

    Astell&Kern D-1?!

    Considered a higher end model?!
  10. Bengkia369

    Am I crazy or what?! Been listening to old IEMs and enjoying it more than recent highend models

    Been listening and enjoying more with my Audio Technica Ck100pro and FAD FI-BA-SS more than anything else. Had a JHA Angie sometime back with so many BA drivers but I don't really enjoy the sound. A well tune 1 to 3 BA drivers can beat many so called multiple drivers iems which is very...
  11. Bengkia369

    I don't believe this vintage Audio Technica woodie sounds so good!

    Even with modern gears, even its bigger brother ATH-ESW9 sounds so thin conpared to it! For female vocals listeners, this is a must have!
  12. Bengkia369

    Since AK380cu as claimed by many sounds superior compared to stock, should Mojo be made in cu housing too?

    Do you guys think a copper Mojo would sounds better compared to stock Mojo?!
  13. Bengkia369

    If AK240 innards put into a machined Copper housing

    Will it sounds even better than stock ak240?
  14. Bengkia369

    Am I the only weirdo here that don't like the sound signature of JH Angie?

    Bought it few months back and trying really hard to like it - burning in, change tips etc but I just cannot like that kind of sound signature. To me, Angie got plenty of details but it requires lots of brain juice to dig in focus and concentrate on the details, very tiring indeed. I preferred...
  15. Bengkia369

    New leather case for Cowon Plenue 1 & Plenue M

    Looks really nice, anyone interested to get one?!  
  16. Bengkia369

    Astell & Kern AK240 VS Cowon Plenue P1 - War of the flagships!

    Guys, which of the 2 are more good sounding to you? Whats your opinions on both of the top of the line player?   To me, both are good but different sounding.   AK240 - slightly on the bright side, more details, better treble extension Plenue P1 - warm, analog sounding, deeper bass, lesser...
  17. Bengkia369

    Lisa L3 Vs Cypher Labs Trio, which one is better?!

    as above... seems like these 2 amps are seldom talk about here in Headfi?    
  18. Bengkia369

    Is JH Angie built as good as the flagship Layla?

    Or slightly not as good in built quality?
  19. Bengkia369

    Just got a Grado GS1000i but with red drivers

    box is labelled as GS1000i but the wood finishing is 1000e like (less glossy) and with red drivers. So basically is this a "i" or a "e"?!
  20. Bengkia369

    Pathos Aurium tube amp not much love here?!

    anyone using this amp here?
  21. Bengkia369

    Whats your Sony MDR-Z7 serial number?!

    mine is 3369 reporting in.... (considered early batch?!)
  22. Bengkia369

    Seems like no point to buy Grado RS2i/e, what do u think?

    Would rather go for PS500 which had a more refined sound compared to RS2i/e or just get a SR325e for that fun sound.
  23. Bengkia369

    Does a Portable DAP required any burn-in?

    does it benefits from burning in say my Cowon Plenue 1?!