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  1. braillediver

    Orpheus HEV 90 Instruction Manual?

    I'm looking for the Orpheus / HEV 90 Instruction Manual- Anyone have a copy they can spare?     Thank You   Mitch
  2. braillediver

    Shippers Beware

    When shipping something consider this guy on SigForum…..He’s complaining about the bad work ethic of Postal Workers. “The post office love me: Those guys delivered the first box three days earlier, Perfect, now this, lucky its only bullets otherwise it would be junk Hell it was...
  3. braillediver

    Electronics / Water and Alcohol

    Yesterday while scuba diving I found a 6-megapixel camera Sony Cyber Shot DSC S500, a cell phone and a sterling silver bracelet. I dried out both pieces of electronics and tried them today. The Phone works and I’m in the process of contacting the owner. The camera works (with the original...
  4. braillediver

    Pros and Cons for the Stax SR-007 MK2 vs. STAX 4070

    I’m curious as to the Pros and Cons of the Stax SR-007 MK2 vs. STAX 4070. Also where is the best price on each? I’ve used PriceJapan before and would probably get them there unless there are better options. Thanks Mitch
  5. braillediver

    Treasure Hunting Season Has Started Again

    I was out Scuba Diving Saturday at David E. Brink Park in Kirkland Washington. It’s a nice dock with benches and only about 30 feet deep at the front of the dock. I got a nice diamond stud earring and a sterling silver ring with some sort of stone. There was a USPS Priority Mail...
  6. braillediver

    K1000 Sonic Signature?

    What’s the generally accepted sound signature of the K1000? Mitch
  7. braillediver

    Treasure Hunting Season Starts Tomorrow!

    I’m stoked now that the weather is getting better here in the Seattle Area. Summer might finally be arriving. I’ve got the next 5 days off and I’ll probably dive every day. Tomorrow I’m diving somewhere near Eastlake on the north side at a marina looking for some ones keys then Thursday morning...
  8. braillediver

    Bad Names for Audio Components

    I just saw a listing for a “Bohica I Power Cord”? In the Navy BOHICA was an acronym for “Bend Over Here It Comes Again”. What are they trying to say about this $600 power cord? Mitch
  9. braillediver

    I Would Like To Borrow a Matched Pair of Telefunken ECC803S

    Would there be a Generous Head-Fi Member be willing to loan me a Matched Pair of Telefunken ECC803S? I’m tube rolling the HeadAmp Aristaeus and would really like to try these. I could reciprocate the kindness by loaning a matched pair or 2 of exotic tubes. I’ve focused mainly on German /...
  10. braillediver

    Wild Ride!

    "Semi-truck takes man and wheelchair for a ride down Red Arrow Highway" What can you say! Mitch
  11. braillediver

    Worse than waiting on a package is…..

    Having it arrive a day early and not being here for it. I don’t think I’ve ever had a package arrive early. I’m going to Issaquah tonight. Mitch
  12. braillediver

    Moth Lovers of Europe- This is a Moth si2a3/45h / Eddie Current Black Rose (220V).

    I don't normally do this but I think this is uncommon and already being in Europe is extra points. Caveat Emptor and good luck. I know nothing of the seller or the amp. Looks like a head-Fi member by the name of Kurt? Hey Head-Fi...
  13. braillediver

    FedEx = BS

    So I’m waiting on my chair upgrade to be delivered by FedEx. At 7:48 this morning it’s listed as Home Delivery “on truck for delivery”. I wait here the entire day. Quietly so I don’t miss their Knock. I check the managers office at 4:50 before they close in case it was delivered there without...
  14. braillediver

    Gift Quality Portable Rig for a Novice

    I’d like to give a really nice portable rig as a gift. A digital Audio Player (iPod what ever), a pair of headphones and a par of In the Ear Monitors. Plus recommendations for any carrying bag or accessories like that would be greatly appreciated. $600-$800 I’d like small, ease of use...
  15. braillediver

    HE90 Burnin?

    Anyone have experience with new HE90’s and burnin? Is there a noticeable change over time? How long does it take to fully get into the groove? How long would you recomend using the headphones before making critical judgements? Mitch
  16. braillediver

    Your package is on time with a scheduled delivery date of 10/02/2006

    I stayed home and I’m waiting. Mitch
  17. braillediver

    Berning micro-ZOTL and the Grado PS1

    I’m really enjoying this combo. Rumored to be bass light meets rumored to be bass heavy = nice combo. It seems to have the nice mid-range that’s been mentioned before. Using Sylvania Gold Label 6201 and Sylvania 6SN7. It’s a fun amplifier. I was using it with my home stereo...
  18. braillediver

    Cleaning Grados

    I’ve got some vintage Grado RS-1’s and wanted to detail them out. The pads are stuck to the ear pieces- I’ve read to use mineral oil to clean the wood. Should anything be used to wipe down the outside of the earpiece or just a damp cloth? Also just a damp cloth on the headband or should...
  19. braillediver

    Struck Grado

  20. braillediver

    Treasure Hunting in Lake Washington

    I’ve been diving each weekend for the last month. Good yield so far but nothing spectacular. Today I found 2 semi-automatic handguns in front of a dock. 1 has been down for less than 2 weeks, looks like a Glock. It’s wrapped in a latex glove- Not Good. 2 feet to the left is a stainless or...
  21. braillediver

    I got into my wetsuit!!

    I've been working out and cutting down so it's a nice accomplishment. This summer is going to be Great. Anyone know a good Bail Bondsman in the Seattle area? Mitch
  22. braillediver

    Most users ever online was 1,810, 04-24-2006 at 06:54 PM.

    My how Head-Fi has grown. Mitch
  23. braillediver

    Door to Door Peddlers

    I just had 2 women knock on the door. One was holding a bible in a threatening way. I said “No Headphones eh” they looked at me in a weird way and asked “What’s that mean”? I responded “Headphones you know”? They mumbled something about scripture and I’m like no thanks. I’m expecting Head-Fi...
  24. braillediver

    A Question About Safe Banking and Internet Transactions?

    A Rant and a Question. OK so I set up a separate account with Bank of America for my personal banking and kept an older Bank of America account to be used exclusively with Internet Transactions. I explicitly asked when opening the second \ new account that the old account not be able to...
  25. braillediver

    Recommend a Great Sounding 12AX7?

    I’m looking for some nice sounding 12AX7’s for use in Headamps new Electrostatic amplifier. Any suggestions or experience with the 12AX7? Thanks Mitch