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  1. Piccaso

    ToneKing V10 alias AGATE- my personal opinion - review.

    ToneKing V10 alias AGATE IEM earphones. At first, sorry that i don´t write as first positive and negative things in short words. Second sorry - for my english. And at least - this my words can´t be taken as objective thing, but only as personal view. Thanks. Greetings to all the fools...
  2. Piccaso

    Asking for help/opinions- CD player - Meridian 588 vs Astin Trew AT 3500 vs NAD S500

    Hi guys. I hope, you will can understand me and help as well. Even CD is almost on the end of the life, still think a lot about this. I have strong idea to buy something old but realy good. I have in my focus these 3 players - Meridian 588, Astin Trew AT3500 and NAD S500. All i have on the touch...
  3. Piccaso

    Subjective review: Creek-OBH21MK2, IPAR-1023A, Sankrit Pha & ATH-W500, MrSpeakers Ether

    To somehow contribute on this site, i decided to do a subjective test/comparing three headphone amplifiers with two headphones. I know, all these are old devices, but not all are well known or reviewed on the net. I hope that, i will not be sent to the museum for these words, or for the...
  4. Piccaso

    Please, help with choice portable DAC/Amp.

    Hi all members. I´m here a new, even already readed a lot words from here. Any way, now i think about some "upgrade" or beter say developing my stuff with portable HiFi. I think about some portable DAC/Amp for my laptop or mobile. I look for device around 100-150USD. It this time i have on my...