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  1. DrivenKeys

    DT770 shell with Peerless Vali Driver

    Hi Everybody! I was never the biggest fan of my dt770, so when I broke a driver, I decided to play. The Kennerton Vali driver by Peerless has gotten a lot of attention, as it's very nice quality and only about 11 bux each. I love paper speakers, so couldn't resist...
  2. DrivenKeys

    dt990 driver in dt770 cup?

    Hi everyone! I have a pair of dt770 editions, and destroyed the left driver. As I was looking around, I think I'm getting a pair of used dt990's instead of a 770 driver. Both are 250 ohm. Has anybody tried 990 drivers in a 770 cup? I'll start with stock 990, and if I don't like it, might give...