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  1. CaveManta

    Dekoni Fidelio X2 Choice Pads!

    @goodyfresh I, too, have been on a long-time search for aftermarket X2 earpads that don't color the sound. Brainwavz suede and velour pads darken the sound quite a bit indeed... The most fascinating pads I tried were Audio Technica AD900x pads. They didn't make the sound dark, but they gave the...
  2. CaveManta

    Schiit Audio Bifrost 2

    Linear amplifiers seem to be the new best thing as far as amplification tech goes. I don't think I can hold off and wait, though. Gyah! I'm getting a Jotunheim and sticking with it, dang it. Bifrost 2 has a lot of the features that Yggdrasil and Gungnir Multibit have, except it doesn't seem to...
  3. CaveManta

    Schiit Audio Bifrost 2

    So I kinda upgraded from a Modi 2 to a Bifrost 2, and now my Magni 2 looks really tiny. Heck, there's enough room on the Bifrost 2 for my old DAC and amp to hang out together! (So why not). It's a really small detail, but I like that the Bifrost comes with pre-attached feet. I don't have to...
  4. CaveManta

    Focal Elear on sale for $479 + Special Bundle Pricing

    Sadly, soundstage isn't the strongest aspect of the Elear. It's not very wide or deep. It feels like the headstage is deep at 45 degree angles from the front, but it collapses inward at the center. It doesn't rival the Q701, or even the AD700, which have more circular sounding soundstages...
  5. CaveManta

    Show us your Head-Fi station at it's current state. No old pictures please...

    I love the sound of black and silver...
  6. CaveManta

    Are you a console or PC gamer?

    The gap between PC and console will shrink further and further...until there's no difference! D=
  7. CaveManta

    Which would be better: SR-009 + SRM-353X or SR-L700 + SRM-353X + Yggdrasil?

    Whoa, Music Alchemist, you like your Klipsch that much?! Awesome! I love my Klipsch speakers, too^^. Anyway, I've been pondering getting an SR-L700 + SRM-353X + Yggy combo, as well. But I think that, like you, I'll just upgrade my speaker setup instead...for now...maybe until Schiit releases an...
  8. CaveManta

    A Concise View of Why The ATH-M50 is No Longer King

    Oh, man, I'm using my M50 while playing hardcore free-for-all in Black Ops 3. And man, these cans are fantastic for gaming! I'm hardly missing the AD900x. Sound positioning/directionality is spot-on, except for when sounds come from directly behind. I won 4 or 5 matches in a row, thanks to these...
  9. CaveManta

    Sennheiser x Massdrop HD6XX Review / Preview - Head-Fi TV

    What's next, Massdrop? The Beyerdynamic DT 8xx? No, don't get any ideas!   This is madness! You've gone too far, Massdrop. You can't sell every headphone in the world at reduced prices. It's...too good for us! You're going to make us spend all of our money!
  10. [No title]

    [No title]

    The new Beats800. Tyll seems to approve.
  11. CaveManta

    I stepped on my Senn's and now one ear doesn't work

    Yeah, the driver should be just fine. It's well-protected inside of that grille. If anything, maybe a solder joint got ripped apart.   The cable doesn't feel "wiggly" now when it's plugged in, does it?
  12. CaveManta

    New Audio Technica ATH-M50x with Removable Cable

    The gray ATH-M50xMG is pretty slick-looking in real life. It's understated, but the plastic has a shiny texture that reminds me of beach sand.
  13. CaveManta

    Show us your Head-fi Reputation!

    As long as it's not an M50x, oh, snap! =P Man, if giving reps earned you money, I'd be so rich! But if giving bad advice cost you money, it'd balance out for me.
  14. CaveManta

    Show us your Head-fi Reputation!

    You wanna keep a nice balance, you say? Just gimme the gear, and I'll give you some sweet reps in return ;P.   As soon as I get to use Photoshop, I need to make a Head-Fier Andy meme picture that says: I get ****s faster than I can give them. No, that sounds stupid. I'll think up a better...
  15. CaveManta

    The decline of the forum signature

    Uhhhhhh, I still don't get it. I give up! It's probably just a trick, anyway.   Wow, people in the "Show Me Your Rep" thread have some really nice signatures. I see cool quotes all over the place. I particularly like wuwhere's signature. He's the Staxman, lol.
  16. CaveManta

    New Audio Technica ATH-M50x with Removable Cable

    Edit: So I got a chance to listen to the M50x for an extended period of time. And I was dissatisfied with it to the extent that I made a rage-induced post. I am editing the post because I feel that it wasn't substantive enough; It was nothing but angry thoughts that I threw together.   In a...
  17. CaveManta

    The decline of the forum signature

    Dang it! Not cool, man. I was really hoping for natural, analog, velvety sound or however you described it. Now I'm stuck with an M50x... (And my M50, thank God). So how do you like the DT1770? Have you heard the DT770 as well?
  18. CaveManta

    The decline of the forum signature

    Dear God, man. That is just insane. Two HE-60s among other things?! If only that could fit in a signature.
  19. CaveManta

    The decline of the forum signature

    I was watching a 720p YouTube video, and I had some more Head-Fi tabs open. In other words, holy Schiit, I was pushing the limit. Maybe I should reformat my HDD or something..
  20. CaveManta

    The decline of the forum signature

    Here, nordkapp, I'll buy your stuff, except I don't have any money. Muahaha! Yeah, my profile seriously lacks padding. No wonder it's uncomfortable to read!
  21. CaveManta

    The decline of the forum signature

    I know what you're saying, wink. But I'm not gonna take your advice! Bwahaha! Dang it, I couldn't even conveniently navigate to your profile because my laptop is super laggy right now. =\ So I'll never know what equipment you have.   I see that you finally have some entry-level equipment...
  22. CaveManta

    What Are You Listening To Right Now? -New thread, new rules. Please read them.

    This song + vmoda m-80 = the worst bass headache I've ever had!
  23. CaveManta

    Are we getting old?

    All I can say is YOLO, Nordkapp! Blast your hearing like I do! Wait, no wonder my hearing sucks. Wanna know what's weirdest about growing up for me? As a kid, I was taught to be well-mannered and call everyone sir or ma'am. But now, people call me sir! Agh! It sucks.