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  1. Gorthon

    Backed out on a "For Sale"

    What would you do?   A fellow head-fi member committed to purchase an item from me, via PM's, on Friday with a message that PayPal payment would be sent on Monday.  Monday came and went with no word or payment.  On Tuesday I sent a message to find out what was going on.  A PM was replied to...
  2. Gorthon

    Redbook ??

    I keep seeing reference made to redbook. I have never heard this term. Could someone please shed a little knowledge my way.
  3. Gorthon

    Get a new CD player ??

    I am debating what to do with my home system (details below) CD player. In 1994 I purchased a Yamaha CDC-745 for $380. Recently I have been having problems with it. I think it may be a power transformer, but I am not sure. Since it is so old, I am wondering if it is worth work fixing or if I...
  4. Gorthon

    Protable amp nirvana help

    Sorry in advance for the length. But I feel that it is necessary to understand where my question is coming from. I received my HF-1 and immediately gave them a 50 hour burn in. I then began my journey of HF-1's. In the beginning I felt like there was something missing. When a song I was very...