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  1. Thenewbie76

    Looking for a new TWS? Cambridge audio melamonia vs Tronsmart Apollo bold?

    Hi all, I am currently in the market looking for a new TWS. I will be mainly using it for casual walkabouts and gym/running use. I am considering between the CA or Tronsmart Apollo for now but I am open to more suggestions. I am looking for a TWS that can get loud enough to block out noises and...
  2. Thenewbie76

    Best headphone amp 100-200$

    Hi all its been a year plus since I kept up on the audiophile world and am not up to date of all the best gear and what not. As the title states I'm looking for a headphone amp to use at home mostly that can power my HD 600, Hifiman edition X V2, Audece LCD2. I was thinking the JDS labs Atom...
  3. Thenewbie76

    small portable dac/amp?

    I am looking for a thumb size or fairly small dac/amp smaller than the nx4 dsd for my laptop use. I have a nx4 dsd but it is just too big for me and honestly I dont need that much power. All I plan to use the dac/amp with is with iems mainly my jh 13vs and campfire cascade both of which do not...
  4. Thenewbie76

    Meze 99 classics vs 1more triple driver over ear HP?

    As the title states I am looking at which to choose between this 2. I listen to alot of hip hop,EDM,rock and a mixture of others BUT NOT CLASSICAL , opera and other genre like them. I also play games so I was hoping this good an average soundstage but with good imaging. Which would more suit my...
  5. Thenewbie76

    DAC/AMP for nintendo switch and Sony PSP?

    So I am trying to find a dac/amp for my gaming consoles.I was thinking about one of the creative dac/amp because my friend showed to me that he can use the sound blaster E1 to connect to his PSP using the line in however I would probably go for one of their higher end model. Also a DAC/AMP for...
  6. Thenewbie76

    Desktop racks to stack up DAC and HP AMP?

    So how do you guys/girls stack your dac/amp on your table . I have limited space and I wanna buy another amp . But I want to find a proper way to stack my collection on my table like having a miniature rack for it. Just a tower of dac/amp. Any ideas?
  7. Thenewbie76

    Why and 'how' do people use digital audio players?

    Ok so I just went to a local audiophile store in Singapore. I noticed while I was trying out their headphones A LOT of people were trying out their digital audio players. The only thing I can guess why people use digital audio players is that they have a better DAC and would most likely be able...
  8. Thenewbie76

    Headphones like the audeze lcd2 but more lighter??

    So i just went to my local store and tried the audeze lcd2 and I really liked it. However the huge turn off for me was that it was really heavy. I usually use my headphones ALOT and after using the LCD2 for a few like 10-15 minutes my neck was starting to sore. Unless I start taking roids and...
  9. Thenewbie76

    Is the JDS labs atom end game amp?

    I am looking to buying a new dac/amp that is versatile and can work with any headphones .I was looking at the THX AAA linear AMP on massdrop but I have not gotten any balanced cable as of right now. So I'm looking at the new labs atom. Is it powerful enough? The most it can push is 125mw...
  10. Thenewbie76

    DAC/AMP for AKG 7XX??

    Ok so I have a AK 7XX that I like but i am currently using a shiit fulla 2 to power it. Right now I got a budget of 350USD and wanna buy a new DAC/AMP. Ok now i know a DAC is not needed its just digital to analogue converter but my laptop soundcard sucks and I think a DAC would make the sound...
  11. Thenewbie76

    Do i need a AMP and or DAC for my AKG 7XX

    Correct me if im wrong but from what i heard is that DACs are like external sounds card and AMPs are for powering your headphones if their hard to drive and reaching higher volumes.Im gonna use the AKG 7XX mainly for home use on my desktop and laptop.I also know that depending on your...