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  1. pinkzeppelincult

    CIEM Crack Repair

    I have a custom Empire Ears Phantom that recently developed some large cracks but is still solidly in one piece. Could I repair this with ABS adhesive or something similar? Or could that potentially damage the internals/ruin the fit? I don't care too much about the aesthetics.
  2. pinkzeppelincult

    Looking for a good portable speaker

    I'm looking for a standalone speaker with reasonable all-around sound quality and without overpowering bass. It doesn't have to be tiny, just something that can fit on a shelf and be toted easily with one hand. I also don't want anything with a microphone, but those are pretty much my only...
  3. pinkzeppelincult

    Cable to boost Phantom vocals?

    I love nearly everything about my EE Phantom, but I'd like a more forward midrange for male vocals than the stock Ares II cable provides. I've had the Ares II 8-wire suggested, but that seems like it might color the overall tonality too much. Does anybody have suggestions for cables that will...