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  1. dannyandelyse

    A new secret headphone society
  2. dannyandelyse

    NY-Long Island Mini Meet -Sept 12

    Hi guys. Would like to host a mini meet at my house Saturday Sept. 12 at 2PM. Have a few setups (Orpheus system, OO7-KGSS, K1000, 650,etc) but could use another source or two, extra interconnects and extensions or whatever else you might see fit to bring. In Roslyn Heights right off the...
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    Ray Samuels - Singlepower = Top Tier

    These guys build really wonderful amps. The quality and detail displayed on their amps at the NY meet is top tier. Their personal touch and demeanor is top tier. Their varied line up is top tier. Their sound quality is top tier. They seem to stand behind their products as well as our...
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    A. Krause....... Forget about it J. Hooker....... Greatest Hits Heart ........... Dreamboat Anne B. Dylan....... Blonde on Blonde J. Mitchel....... Blue Eagles ........ oops...more than 5 Dan
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    Two most important factors...all else not!!

    1. Does the system have that "breath of life quality"? 2. Does the system allow "total immersion" in the music? The bottom line for me.
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    K1000....Oh my G_d.

    Just got Yikes pair with the Siltech. Running with a Jadis Defy 7 mk3....Extrodinary. The walls are not even in the equation. What an expansive soundstage. They sound exquisite......whoaaaaa Dan PS...the dog will have to walk himself, I can not take these speakers off my head.
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    What is the most comfortable phone...why?

    Most comfortable please, and why? thanks
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    Stax and Jadis....Whoaa!!!!!

    I enjoy the Stax Omega and KGSS synergy, but figured I would have a little fun today. Scrounged around and found my old stax SRD7 which feeds the Stax headphones it's 580 volt bias but needs to be feed from a seperate amp for wattage. Hooked it up to a Jadis Defy 7 Mk3 and let the combo cook for...
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    Another excellent NY meet..........

    Quick thanks to Tom for hosting. Tom sorta had an off day, he only brought $50,000 worth of toys to the hall! I know he has more........... Ray, Tyll and Mikhail thank you for coming and loved Rays Stealth, Mikhail's sureal monster do it all secret and Tyll's balanced big boy amps were cookin...
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    Pure Magic .....Unbelievable!

    I have tried singlepower, earmax, corda, grado, gilmore designs, .etc, etc with my Senn 650s. They sound "nice". I like many of the amps with the Senns, but only one is pure magic. No, unreal perfect synergy, unbelievable earth shattering bass, total musical emersion. The bass is down to the...
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    Stax Omega & KGSS observations..........

    Been enjoying an Omega/KGSS setup for a while and have come across a few tweaks and setup options that have been noticeable improvments IMHO. The Omegas sound best when placed as far foward and low down on my head/ears as posible. By placing them with the pads actually touching and slightly...
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    Come on NOS Stax kills my ...

    Yes, my first post, but I have been arouund the block a few times. just hooked up my NOS stax lamda pros fresh from audigion. GOODBYE senn 650s GOODBYE GRADO I LOVE em. Got to go....have a date with Allison Kraus, Ellington, Basie, Fleetwood mac and the Black Eye Peas tonight. Might...