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  1. Nicholas Seltzer

    Experiences with Bryston BHA-1 headamp?

    Currently using a Schiit Mjolnir 2 with solid state tubes and looking to upgrade. Any experience with Bryston BHA-1? what else should I consider in the 1300-1700 price range? I had a Ragnarok briefly that I had to return due some malfunction secondary features, but I enjoyed the sound...
  2. Nicholas Seltzer

    Alternatives to OPPO HA-1?

    Hi there, I'm considering buying an OPPO HA-1 DAC and integrated headphone amp because it meets all of my requirements like few devices do. 1) High quality DAC 2) High quality headphone stage 3) Two sets of analog inputs, at least one of which has Home Theater Bypass function 4) Analog output...
  3. Nicholas Seltzer

    How good is the Mjolnir 2 for its price? What else should I consider?

    I've just got a new Gumby and up next is a new headphone amp pairing. The Mjolnir 2 is an obvious option since that Schiit matches. But how good of an amp is the Mjolnir really as compared to other amps in that price range? I don't absolutely neeeed it to match (though it would be nice). I have...
  4. Nicholas Seltzer

    Who has used the Peachtree Nova 300 as a headphone amp?

    I'm in the process of upgrading some stuff and I'm really, really tempted to go for the Nova 300 because it just seems to do a great job at so many things. But my alternative is to the route of separate components, including a Schiit Gungnir MB and Mjolnir 2 stack. I want both an excellent...
  5. Nicholas Seltzer

    Schiit Ragnarok loudspeaker performance?

    I'm trying to come up with a solution for both a headphone amp and poweramp. I'll save the details, but I need a poweramp with multiple, selectable inputs. The Schiit Rangarok is an excellent headphone amp that will power speakers with 50W/channel into 8ohms, 100W/channel into 4. Has anyone...
  6. Nicholas Seltzer

    Thoughts on Gumby?

    I'm thinking of upgrading my DAC to a Gumby. Right now I have a Schiit Jotunheim, which I will continue to use as an amplifier (at least initially) via balanced input. I'm leaning toward the gumby because of its beauty and plentiful inputs and outputs. In addition to running to my headphone amp...