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  2. vvrinne

    Best FLAC player for PC?

    Hmm no I wasn't actually referring to anything in particular. No doubt there are a million things that the player CAN do to make the music sound different in some manner :-) Just generally if the idea is to hear what is stored in the file then I don't see the actual player doing anything other...
  3. vvrinne

    How much of a budget should I dedicate to headphones, amps, and the source itself?

    Well personally I don't think it's quite that clear cut. I believe the rule of diminishing returns kicks in WAY faster with amps and DACs than it does with headphones. I really have trouble believing that most people would be able to distinguish a 3000$ DAC from a 300$ one in a true blind test. ...
  4. vvrinne

    Pictures of your computer rigs! Post them here!

      My current PC rig. I ran the Graham Slee Solo with a pair of Sennheiser 650s for a long time, until the band on the 650s just snapped in half. Replaced them with the Denon D7000s. I'm current feeding the Graham Slee from a HRT Music Streamer 2 DAC.    This rig will go into the office...
  5. vvrinne

    Best FLAC player for PC?

    Is the player actually even remotely interesting as far as sound quality is concerned? The whole thing in computer audio IMO is to bypass everything you can and just send the purest possible signal to the DAC (hopefully an external device). I don't really see the actual player software doing...
  6. vvrinne

    ALERT! ALERT! Major impulse buy

    Quote: Originally Posted by fewtch I got a sudden craving to buy DT880s late last year... I was just reading about them, looking at pics etc. and suddenly I had to have them. Like a bolt of lightning hit me... I was literally ready to sell my body if that had been necessary . Ended up...
  7. vvrinne

    Coming your way this spring... a Finnish meet!

    Seeing as this is a Finnish meet I guess the main question is: how much beer should I bring?
  8. vvrinne

    amp for 650s?

    The graham slee solo seems to be quite a good choice for these cans (listening to this combo as I am writing this ). Imported to the US this is probably a bit over your price range but a used one should fit in your budget. I am quite new to this hobby but judging from the research I did on this...
  9. vvrinne

    ALERT! ALERT! Major impulse buy

    What do you guys think about the RS-1s with the Graham Slee? Obviously I'll need to be buying a second amp as currently I am leaning towards keeping both phones. Probably best to buy something for the Grados since judging from what people are saying the Slee seems like a better match with the 650s.
  10. vvrinne

    ALERT! ALERT! Major impulse buy

    Heh yeah will have to see about my source after a while My sound card is decent enough (m-audio 2496) and I'm mainly listening to 320kbit MP3s. Will be interesting to see if I can actually hear a difference between the original CDs and the MP3s. I am not exactly equipped with golden ears and...
  11. vvrinne

    ALERT! ALERT! Major impulse buy

    Well I got my Graham Slee today So far I am loving what it did even to my old old old HD500s. Can't wait to get the 650s and the RS-1s!
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