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  1. Omari149

    M:Robe problem

    I formatted the player through the pc trying to update the firmware and now the player is saying (invalid/missing file). What do I do now to get it back in normal working order?
  2. Omari149

    copying Vinyls to CD's

    I have a Sony PS-333 turntable with a adapter to connecto to my computer, along with a copy of RecordNow 9 Music Lab installed on my pc. What I was wandering is when I copy my records to my computer what setting's should I use? I tried copying some of my vinyls but the track seperater feature...
  3. Omari149


    I just recieved my D-35 today, and I was wandering how long does it last on 2 double A batteries. How do you set the time on it for am or pm?
  4. Omari149

    D-111 Hot!

    I just got this D-111 for $27.00 on ebay. Today when I pluged it up with the original ac adapter it came with it became hot while I was playing some CD's. The Discman and AC adapter look almost new, looks like they haven't seen that much use. I just want to know if it getting hot was normal?
  5. Omari149

    D-465 No Disc Error?

    I just bought this D-465 off of ebay and it doesn't read a single disc, and the seller told me of the problem, and he also said that the player has never been dropped or opened up. Plus the Discman doesn't even look like it's been used that much it's in great condition physically. So how do I...
  6. Omari149

    4G Ipod problem

    I have a 4G 40GB Ipod, lately when I transfer songs on to it, it won't play em it'll say they're there but it will just skipp tracks through the entire album and not play any tracks. Can someone tell me how to remedy the problem and tell me whats wrong? any helpful responses are welcomed
  7. Omari149

    D-EJ2000 question

    I just got my D-EJ2000 in the mail today but I didn't get the remote or the manual, I bought it from ebay for $25.77. Do you know where to get a remote thats compatible for this model so I can turn on the megabass, and how can you tell if this model is the U.S. or European model? Thanks for...
  8. Omari149

    Ipod Question

    I just got this 40GB IPOD from circuit City and I was wandering what bite rate is the best to use to fit all my 250 CD's on the Ipod and whats the best software to use? and can you list the problems that can go wrong with an ipod and the remedies for those problems? Just incase your...
  9. Omari149

    D-SJ301 Problem's

    I have this D-SJ301 which keeps shutting off in the middle of a song. But the batteries are full, and when I try to recharge batteries it doesn't fully recharge them, as in the charge icon on the screen disappears a couple of minutes after I press the Stop/Charge nob. and can anyone tell me...
  10. Omari149

    Which Player should I give away or Keep

    Since I finally got a CD Player that I'm highly satisfied with, I want to get rid of some of my players, and I need Help Choosing. Here is a list of my CD Players: D-777(Skips a little and shuts off by itself in the middle of song) D-E350(gives out static when tilted) D-E885(One Ball...